6 'Pretty Little Liars' Holiday Episodes We Want To See, Because Why Stop At Halloween & Christmas?

Confession time: I absolutely love the Pretty Little Liars Halloween and Christmas episodes. With the Season 6 premiere finally at our doorsteps, I can't help but hope that there are more amazingly themed episodes ahead. While a representative for ABC Family confirmed to Bustle that Pretty Little Liars Season 6 will not feature a holiday episode, I can't help but dream of future specials. There's always Season 7, right? Besides, there are so many more holidays that PLL could tackle beyond Halloween and Christmas.

These girls have lived in Rosewood all their lives, and we've only seen it snow there ONCE — and that was the Christmas episode. What other moments of the year are we missing out by only seeing a few short months at a time? We've never seen the Liars hit the beach. We've never seen them exchange valentines. I think it's about time they took a few days out of their busy A search and celebrated a holiday.

So far, PLL has mainly stuck to Halloween, likely because it's perfectly creepy, but I think we've learned over the last five seasons that this show can make anything scary. So if it decides to bring back the holiday episode tradition next year (which I really hope it does) I have a few suggestions.

New Year's Eve

An episode focused around New Year's would be amazing. The plot would most definitely revolve around the Liars trying to stop something from happening before midnight, and they'd all be dressed in amazing outfits. You know the action would take place at some sort of big party, meaning that their significant others could come along, too.

The Fourth Of July

Rosewood seems like it's a town that goes all out for Independence Day. Too bad we've never seen it on the show. I like to imagine that there are town fireworks, and a parade, and it's a big thing every single year. Yeah, a big event that A can wreck havoc with, leaving the Liars to try and save the day before the festivities at night happen. Also, lots of sparklers. I just imagine an episode full of sparklers.

Mardi Gras

While I would be all for the Liars packing up and heading down to New Orleans for an episode, Mardi Gras could find its way to them instead. This is something that could even happen in the announced post-time jump PLL episodes, when the Liars can really party — until all Hell breaks loose.


Why not do a Purim episode, huh? I've always thought of it as a Halloween-like holiday, and since PLL has already covered Halloween for real, it's time to substitute something that still requires costumes. Don't you kinda want to hear Spencer explain the biblical story behind Purim? I know I do.

Arbor Day

The Liars are like, "aw, we should pitch in and plant trees at the park!" So they volunteer for a day, and plant a bunch of trees, and surprisingly nothing insane/crazy happens to them for a single day because A's like, "Arbor Day?"

Or the Arbor Day celebration takes them to Radley where they are planting trees in the outside courtyard, where they uncover a bunch of secrets and unravel a ton of mystery. And all of it happens on Arbor Day!

Black Friday

Hanna peer pressures everyone else into getting up at 3 a.m. with her to go wait in line for sales. She brings everyone coffee. Aria falls asleep in the car, and doesn't even make it inside the building. Emily is supreme cranky-pants, and complains about everything. Spencer has a detailed list of everything she needs for the holidays, and gets all her shopping done in one quick swoop. Hanna drops way too much money on a new TV for Caleb. Then everyone heads home and goes back to bed.

Maybe to make up for denying us a Season 6 holiday episode, Pretty Little Liars can go outside the box and really blow us away in Season 7.

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