Is Noel Kahn Charles DiLaurentis On 'Pretty Little Liars'? We Should Take Another Look At Alison's Supposed Ally

We really should know better than to trust any cute boy on Pretty Little Liars, and if there's one guy that's flown pretty under the radar in terms of A-ness, it's also one of the cutest. Noel Kahn has been on Pretty Little Liars since the very first season, and he's absolutely in the game with all of the girls. For one thing, knows way more about this whole A mess than he's let on — he even knew that Ali was alive long before the Liars did. There's something off about Noel, and it's not just the fact that he's held more secrets from the girls than we could have ever expected. I'm starting to wonder if maybe Noel is the mysterious Charles DiLaurentis, and the reveal might not be as mind-blowing as you'd think.

After looking back on Noel's time on the series, I'm starting to think that maybe, just maybe, we ignored some really crucial information about Rosewood's most popular guy. True, he doesn't fit the profile of Charles, who is seemingly so hurt by his lack of family that he lashes out against Ali and the girls, but he does have some other odd things about him that do raise red flags. If he's not Charles, Noel could very well be working with Big A, and here's why.

He Was All Up In Aria's Business

Once Aria returned from Iceland, Noel swooped in like a hawk, despite the fact that he didn't pay her any attention before she left. He also learned that she was dating Ezra because he just so happened to see them together in a car, even leaving a very A-like message on the window. At the time, Noel had an explanation for all of it, but looking back, could he have been stalking the Liars all along?

He Was Supposed To Be The First Creepy Doll Mask

In Season 2's Halloween episode "The First Secret," Noel and Ali come up with a prank to scare the other girls: Noel will pretend to attack Ali while wearing a baby doll mask to freak them out. Someone does attack Ali in a mask that night, but Noel says that it wasn't him — he couldn't leave the party. What if Noel really did attack Ali and lied about it because he had plans of really hurting her?

He Dated Mona & Jenna

Mona said that someone stole the game from her when she was in Radley. Noel definitely had easy access to Radley and to Mona, under the guise that he was a concerned Rosewood student and former boyfriend. Noel dating Jenna is also a little odd — clearly she's connected to the NAT Club and provoked fear in Ali. Did he date Jenna to find out information about her, or did he do it because she also wanted to hurt Ali?

He Has Ties To CeCe Drake

CeCe was pals with Noel's brother Eric in high school, and she used to date Jason, who could be Charles' twin. Noel is also one of the few people who seemed to know about CeCe at all, which is a tad odd.

He Hung Out With Maya

A seemed to know quite a lot about Emily's girlfriends murder, and Noel seemed to know a lot about Maya too. She would sometimes go to parties at Noel's house, and even stayed with him after she ran away from home, which for some reason Noel never wanted to tell anyone.

He Knew Where Ali Was

Yes, technically Noel was helping Ali, but what if that wasn't his real motivation for keeping tabs on her? We know that Shana, another friend helping Ali on the outside, also turned on her old pal — it's not outside the realm of possibility for Noel to have done the same.

I'm not sure if Noel is definitely Charles, but I don't think he should be trusted. The facts are stacked against him, and it's only a matter of time before something off about this guy comes to light on Pretty Little Liars.

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