Clint Is Officially The Worst

If you were fooled by Clint on The Bachelorette, don't worry. I was fooled, too. At first, he seemed like a sweet guy who was genuinely interested in Kaitlyn (as we all are, because she's awesome), and his Chris Harrison triceratops portrait was obviously amazing. But, as Monday night's episode progressed, it became more and more clear that he is not a nice guy. Clint is obviously on The Bachelorette for the "wrong reasons" everyone is always talking about, and it's good to see that Kaitlyn isn't going to put up with it.

So what's wrong with Clint? So much that I don't even know where to begin. At first, he admitted that he just wasn't feeling it — and honestly, who is feeling it with a girl you've only known for a few days? Nothing wrong with that, and it wouldn't necessarily be leading Kaitlyn on if he needed to get to know her better before developing romantic feelings. But then, the highly hyped "Brokeback Bachelor" plot line kicked in, and as it turns out, it's not just a cute play on the fact that Clint and JJ are in an adorable bromance. And unfortunately, there's nothing adorable about it.

Clint and JJ are buds — that's fine. It happens all the time on this show, because what bonds people together better than going through the crazy experience of competing for the affection of the same person? But being that Clint and JJ both seem to be pegged as "villains" this season, they're basically just feeding off of each other in the name of "friendship." In order to stay and get more hang time with JJ, Clint forced an apology for neglecting Kaitlyn this week and kissed her, making her think that he's totally in this to win. In reality, he had no feelings for her at all.

Fortunately, the other guys had Kaitlyn's back and were quick to point out that he was trying to hurt her, and since Kaitlyn's kicking ass this season, we were left with a huge "to be continued" on what happens when she confronts Clint and JJ. But I think it's safe to say that staying on The Bachelorette for more time with a friend you just made is exactly what Chris Harrison is talking about when he says "the wrong reasons."

Boo, Clint. Boo. Is it just me, or is it going to be super satisfying to watch Kaitlyn kick him to the curb next week?

Image: Rick Rowell/ABC