Will 'Southern Charm's Craig Return To Charleston?

We lost a good one on the Southern Charm finale when Craig Conover said "buh-bye" to his Charleston apartment to go home and bunk with his parents in Delaware. Craig had spent the better half of the season partying and going to work at 3 p.m., thinking that that's what a responsible adult does. Look, Craig, if that's how it worked, the "I don't want to adult today," meme would not exist. But we do have to adult. Even you, Peter Pan. On the Southern Charm reunion, Craig addressed whether he'd return to Charleston after he grew up a bit, and the answer didn't disappoint for more than one reason.

When Andy Cohen asked Craig if he'd be returning to Charleston once he spent time studying up for the bar exam, the party boy answered a quiet, "Yes." But, it was a yes, and that's really all I needed to know to feel a little bit better about Craig returning to his ole stomping ground and going to the McDonald's drive-thru with Cameran.

So sound the alarms, get your party pants on, and sober up, because Craig Conover will return to Charleston, eventually, which is amazing on a few different levels. One, it means that Craig can move into adulthood and be a lawyer in a town he loves. Good for him. Two, it means that Southern Charm Season 3 already has an amazing plot line to work with. What better way to bring viewers back into the series than with Craig returning?

Craig has a lot of work to do before then. From what I've heard, the bar exam is kind of a big deal, so he's going to need to study for that a lot. Maybe even take a Kaplan test prep class, or something of the sorts. He's also going to need to do some self-exploration, which sounds like a crock of Thomas' "Raise The Roof" ad, but it's kind of serious. Elle Woods once became more "serious" and kicked ass. Find your inner Elle Woods, Craig, and show Warner what he's missing — erm, show Shep how wrong he was about you!

Images: Brianna Stello/Bravo; giphy