Can You Tell If He Has A Big Penis?

There are certain things you can tell about a guy, just by observing him. You can tell if he's kind, funny, if he has good hygiene, good taste in clothes, etc.. You can tell if he loves beer or green juice, if he likes to read, if he wears glasses when he reads ... but what about his penis size? Is there a way to tell how big his penis is? And is it true what they say about guys with big feet?

Well, not so much.Science has produced a number of other things you can tell about a man just by looking at him: "Research shows that men with bigger bellies make for longer lasting lovers; a turned-up nose indicates kindness and optimism; according to Chinese face reading practices, a man with full, bushy eyebrows is active, friendly, and fun to party with. But there’s still one characteristic that no amount of physical signs can tell you: The size of a man’s junk," says Dr. Emily Morse, a sexologist, host of the Sex With Emily podcast, and cofounder of Emily & Tony.

OK, so if you can't tell how big penis is, what can you tell about what's going on down there?

1. Sweatpants Can Be Revealing

"I don’t care if a guy is 6’7 with gigantic hands and feet and walks with a significant limp — there is no way of knowing what he’s packing down below until he drops trou. Sure, there is the occasional outline in a man’s sweatpants that hints of the treasures underneath, but it’s still just a guess," says Morse.

2. The Average Penis Length

"The average penis is roughly between 5 and 6 inches, anything above that can be considered large, but it just depends on which professional, porn star, or person you're speaking to," says Dr. Yvonka, Clinical Sexologist behind JasminTV's #sexishealthy campaign.

3. It's All Relative

"The concept of size is subjective and it depends on each person's comfortability. I've heard some women who struggle to take 4 inches and some who can take about 7-8 inches without a problem. However, there are a few men in this world that just really can't fit anyone and they report having quite disappointing, difficult, and uncomfortable sex lives. The image and rumors that surround the "amazing" aspect of penis size are quite deceiving because most women prefer an average size penis or smaller," says Dr. Yvonka.

Images: theartofphoto/Fotolia