7 Reasons Blair & Chuck Are Still Your Fave

by Kelsie Gibson

S and B may have competed for queen at Constance Billard School for Girls, but, when it comes the relationships on the hit show Gossip Girl, no one can hold a candle to Chuck and Blair — who are in my opinion, one of the best pairings on television. Let's be real, new couples may couple and go, but nothing will ever be as sweetly dysfunctional as these two. With each new episode, Chuck and Blair, also known by their couple name Chair, enraptured audiences everywhere with their love-hate relationship.

Sure, the two may have had their fair share of rough patches, but, in the end, the two came out of it stronger than ever. Even through their witty banter and continuous will they/won't they mentally, they were still able to make their friends envious of what they had. Now, that's got to count for something right? And, let's just be frank about it, the two looked good together.

Even though there is only one Chuck Bass and Blair Waldorf, and that's the way it should stay, many people, myself included, still love the heck out of that couple. Their love might not have been ideal, and their relationship was nothing if not problematic, but here are the reasons they still remain the couple we all hate to love (or love to love).

1. Whenever They Would Scheme Together

Look at those mischievous faces. These two make the perfect team.

2. Whenever They Used This Iconic Catch Phrase

The phrase "I love you" will never be the same because of these two.

3. Whenever They Would Cuddle

Stop! The cuteness is just too much to handle.

4. Whenever They Would Fight and Make Up

These two even made arguing look good. How is that even possible?

5. When They Put Their Faith In Destiny

They put on a good front, but, deep down, these two are true romantics.

6. When They Planned This Gorgeous Wedding In a Day

I mean, come on now. Circumstances aside, the two were able to pull off a wedding anyone else would only dream of having. And don't even get me started on those flawless outfits.

7. When They Created This Adorable Specimen

What's better than Chuck and Blair finally getting married? The two of them using their gorgeous genes to create the adorable Henry Bass. Seriously, look at that bow tie!

Images: The CW; Giphy (7)