Ed Sheeran, Kit Harington, & Zach Braff Hang Out, & It's On Us To Caption Their Epic Instagram — PHOTO

Generally, I'm not very keen on taking orders, but if something is suggested to me in a reasonable way I will most likely comply. This is why I'm totally down with the proposed caption contest for Ed Sheeran's Instagram photo with Zach Braff and Kit Harington. Mainly because, I, like everyone else, am pleasantly surprised by the gathering of these unlikely characters. Not that I’m complaining or anything, this is a friendship that only dreams or fanfiction are made of.

Listen, I have no idea what could have brought this trio and their blissfully unaware friend together for such a magnificent photo, but whatever that reason was, the ends certainly justified the means. So take that, social media haters! Sometimes Instagram is actually a wondrous platform that enables us to see things that our minds could never imagine.

But, back to the matter at hand: the illusive caption. It’s not like the multi-talented Sheeran uploaded a sweet photo with all of the gang smiling directly at the camera. No, this picture captures a certain essence of each of the participants, and it’s easy to see why the singer had a difficult time finding the appropriate words to accompany it by himself. So, I’ll be a pal and help him out.

Here are eight potential captions for this A+ photo of Sheeran, Braff, Harrington, and some guy:

1. "A Game of Thrones book reader trolls a Game of Thrones TV watcher"

Spoiler alert.

2. "A representation of the Scrubs fandom on the last season. Dude on the far left was a casual watcher, obviously."

I think I'm more of a Kit...

3. "So, Ed Sheeran, Zach Braff, and Kit Harington walk into a bar..."


4. "Jon Snow is suffering from a bout of Ginger-induced PTSD"

Ygritte and Ed... twinsies.

5. "In the midst of learning about the Night's Watch vow"

It's a toughy, for sure.

6. "Jon Snow knows nothing, Zach Braff now knows everything"

Too much, maybe.

7. "Taylor Swift said WHAT?!"

That's right, she can be saucy.

8. "Told Kit that he'd have to wait for his kiss"

While Zach was pleasantly surprised.

Image: teddysphotos/Instagram