Jemima Kirke Shows Off Hairy Armpits At CFDAs

At Monday night's CFDA awards, it wasn't just Jemima Kirke's cropped red two-piece ensemble that was making a statement on the red carpet. In the official Snapchat Story of the CFDA's, Jemima Kirke flashed her armpit hair, paired with a big, goofy grin.

In the video, Kirke excitedly asked the camera-holder if she could show off her armpits, and proudly displayed that she has definitely thrown away her razors. It wasn't the only instance of body positivity at the CFDA Awards, but it was one of the most amazing.

Though some don't seem to be a fan of the au natural armpit becoming a trend, with other stars deciding not to shave — and Miley Cyrus dying her armpit hair pink — letting a woman's body do it's natural thing is becoming more and more acceptable (as it should). Whether or not you choose to shave your underarms really shouldn't affect your spot on the best dressed list. I mean, how could it? It's just hair. Take this as another opportunity to appreciate how beautiful women are, including the celebrities that decide not to shave (and there are lots of them, in case you didn't know). Jemina Kirke, props to you. You killed the red carpet.

Images: CFDA Fashion Awards/Snapchat