What Your Favorite Hat Style Says About You — From The Traditional Baseball Cap To The Floppy

Hats are a great way to add a little something extra to your wardrobe. And there's a look for everyone with so many different hat styles to choose from out there.

Whether you are wearing one to spruce up your outfit, or you've donned a hat for a purely functional reason, the look you've created can say a lot about your personality.

Personally, I love putting on a hat to cover up my bad hair days, and honestly, I don't think that's a bad reason to wear one at all! But we know that once you've added that crown to your outfit, it can't be undone! The inevitable hat head or hat hair sets in, and it's all over.

I'm being a bit dramatic here, though, because for the most part, hat hair can be fixed relatively easily with a a little brushing and re-styling.

Anyway, there are plenty more hats in existence than those on my list, but I've taken seven hat styles that you're likely to see this summer and explained how each of them reflects a side of your personality. Maybe you'll be feeling fun and flirty one day and decide to try a fedora. Or the inner athlete comes roaring out while you're at the beach, and that sun visor comes in handy.

Either way, have a little fun deciding if you can totally see little pieces of yourself in the following types of hats.

1. Baseball Cap

Rosin Floral Baseball Hat, $29, Urban Outfitters

Don't be fooled. Just because you wear a baseball cap doesn't mean you're a complete athletic type. Hey, you might just like to go and watch other people play sports.

But in wearing a cap, you are likely to be the type of gal who appreciates the functionality of a product. You like to get things done, and whether you know it or not, you're far more of a trendsetter than you think.

2. Fedora

Ruched Band Straw Fedora Hat, $10, Charlotte Russe

Make no mistake about it: You don't take no for an answer. What was once reserved for a man, you're ready to take as your own, because, duh, women are powerful, too!

You also don't care how long something has been in style, because you were probably wearing it before anyone else was anyway. You've got a bold personality, and you inspire other people to express themselves as well.

3. Newsboy

Belmar Boy Meets Girl, $33, Overstock

If you're wearing a cap similar to this (I couldn't actually find a good newsboy cap for purchase so this one is a bit different), you've got a penchant for the past.

Maybe you're not a total vintage dresser, but you've definitely got a soft spot in your heart for styles of yesteryear. Although, of course, you make those styles fresh. You like to bring a little perspective to your life, and people often find you to be a great problem-solver because of that.

4. Wide-Brim

Wide-Brimmed Wool Hat, $18, Forever 21

You've got a heart as wide as the brim of your hat! You're an open book, and you love meeting new people. If you could fit as many people "under your hat," so to speak, as you could, you would totally do it, and be happy all the while. You've got an infectious smile, and the way you treat others always comes back to you in positive ways!

5. Visor

San Diego Hat Company Crochet Visor, $24, Urban Outfitters

You love the outdoors and probably can't get enough. You couldn't be happier that it's summer, and that the sun can kiss your skin again. When you're not working or studying, people can probably find you walking your favorite park trails — and probably with your dog! You've got a carefree approach to life, and people marvel at how you're able to not worry about the small things.

6. Cowboy Hat

Frayed Cowboy Hat, $12, ASOS

There's a total wild side to your personality! But not to worry, you always know when to bring it out and when to keep it tame. The fun you bring to life is something people love about you, and you just don't know any other way to do this whole existence thing!

You have a warm heart, are compassionate towards others, and one of your greatest gifts is being able to make people feel at home in any situation. You also love hosting people in your living room.

7. Floppy Hat

Braided Tassel Floppy Hat, $18, Forever 21

Watch out, world, this girl is here to make a statement! You never leave a place the same as it was before you arrived, and you've got plenty of style to boot.

People may have often told you that "everything you touch turns to gold," and if you're honest, it's pretty true in your life. You may have had your ups and downs, but you turn any situation in your favor just by being yourself and not compromising what you believe.

Images: Getty; Courtesy Brands