The Strawberry Full Moon is Tonight And Mercury Is In Retrograde, So Let's Brace Ourselves And Celebrate Anyway

As some of you may already know, Mercury is in retrograde and will be until June 11th, so if things in your life are a little weird, a little off-kilter, or generally unpleasant, you should probably just blame the astrological mess that are the planets right now. Interestingly, tonight also marks the arrival of June's full moon, the Strawberry Moon, which brings along its own powerful energy. Sure, some people are "a little nervous" about what tonight may bring. But what's a true full moon celebration without a little bit of danger?

Full moons occur when the moon and the Earth are on opposite sides of the sun, and all three planets fall into a straight line. Each full moon has a name, originally chosen by Native American tribes living in what is now the Northeastern United States and associated with a natural phenomena. The Strawberry Moon was so named by Algonquin tribes because it signaled the arrival of the brief (but very delicious) strawberry season. It's a sign to begin gathering ripe fruit, and I like to use this as a metaphor for other elements in my life as well.

Full moons are also associated with astrological signs, and this month's moon is Sagittarius. Sagittarius is an emotional, intuitive, social sign, and its arrival marks a particularly great time to engage socially with your pals and bounce ideas off one another, whether they be about dreams, creative endeavors, or just whether you should apply for that job.

Here are a few ways to celebrate tonight's Strawberry Moon:

1. Be an explorer.


It doesn't have to be a week-long road trip, guys. I'm talking an afternoon day trip to pick strawberries, or scouting out a local swimming hole, or heading to a part of the city you've never visited. Even returning to a favorite spot with new companions can bring about some positive revelations. The Sagittarius moon (and the Gemini sun) make this the perfect time to look at things with new eyes.

Apps like Roadtripper identify attractions, natural wonders and "weird stuff" in your area and help plan everything from accommodations to actual driving instructions. It helped me realize I have the opportunity to visit the Big Mac Museum Restaurant the next time I drive home, so I would say it's pretty invaluable.

2. Gather friends for a clothing swap.


While new moons are great for starting something new (duh), full moons are all about release. With the Sagittarius moon amplifying the social elements of your life, rounding friends up for a clothing swap is both cleansing and good for the soul.

Have each person bring at least eight items and either a snack or a beverage, and set a time limit — two hours gives people time to shop around, but keeps the event from turning into a marathon. Donate all the leftover clothes to charity (a friend of mine had to rent a U-Haul after the last swap, though, so keep logistics in mind).

3. Make the next week a sober one.


I get it. It's summer. Day drinking outside in the sun is one of my top five favorite things to do ever. But let's be real for a second: Alcohol clouds our judgement. If you can't remember the last time you spent an entire party sober, well... now is the time to do so.

Have a cleansing, enlightening, all around righteous Strawberry Moon, dudes!

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