Brows On Fleek, Thanks To Extensions

First it was crazy long lashes, then Jenner-juicy lips, and now, it's all about that brow. Yep, eyebrow extensions now exist to get full bushy eyebrows, and Ashley Weatherford at NYMag was brave enough to test the craze out for herself. If you're interested in brow extensions, read on to learn what to expect.

Weatherford hit up Manhattan's Townhouse Spa for her brow extensions, wanting a hybrid "of Audrey Hepburn and Rihanna's 'Bitch Better Have My Money' look." To achieve those natural-looking bushy brows, the extension process is actually almost identical to eye lash extensions. Weatherford's stylist would be placing teeny tiny individual hairs along each brow. The extensions themselves are synthetic, come in plenty of different shapes, sizes, and colors to best match natural brow hairs, and applied with a tiny vat of glue.

Apparently the process is totally painless, as Weatherford noted she accidentally fell asleep. She woke up loving them, sharing, "To me, the new brows were liberating. I found myself skipping eye makeup, since my brows were already the focal point, and I dabbled in bright, bolder lip colors. These brows were fun."

The only downside? The brows generally cost upwards of $95 to $300, and last about three weeks tops. Weatherford was really (really) careful with hers, and they made it through a week and a half. If you're not up for that cash commitment, you can still emotionally make it through growing in your brows, and learn how to shape them by avoiding these mistakes.

Image Credit: Giphy