Find Out When Kim Kardashian Is Due

by Maggie Malach

More exciting news for the KardashiaNation! According to E! News, Kim Kardashian's due date has been revealed — and it's soon. The news outlet confirmed that the reality star/author, who announced her pregnancy on May 31, is due in December 2015! This puts her pregnancy at approximately three months along, which falls in line with what Kardashian said during interviews at Monday night's CFDAs.

Kardashian has been rocking that expecting mother glow — and is nothing but grateful that Baby No. 2 is on the way. "We've known so early on," she told E! News at the 2015 CFDA Fashion Awards. "It was really hard just because you want to make sure everything goes right and everything is okay because it has been so hard."

Kardashian has been open about her struggle to conceive, making the news all the more exciting.

"It really has been a really long journey for us and we didn't think it was possible," Kim said. "We are so, so grateful and so thankful. We're like over the moon."

The star also opened up about the difficult time in the July 2015 issue of Glamour, in which she elaborates on her second pregnancy.

"There are definitely times when I walked out [of the doctor's office] hysterically crying, and other times when I was like, ‘OK, everything's looking good—it's going to be this month," she said. "The waiting and waiting has been a roller coaster."

It's clear that being a mother has changed Kardashian.

"When I found out I was pregnant [with North], I was going through an awful divorce, Kanye and I had just been dating for seven months — granted, we knew each other for a decade — and I was like, 'I can’t do this. It’s not the right time,'" she recalled. "But then I figured, If I’m in my thirties and I’m not ready, I’ll never be ready. So it’s been the biggest lesson, and the biggest joy of my life."

And, as it turns out, North taught Kardashian a few things.

"North has taught me patience," she explained. "There’s nothing I wouldn’t do for her. And nothing I wouldn’t do for my husband. She’s empowered us to want to be the best parents and the best spouses."

I can't wait to see Baby Kimye in December. Until then, I'll be brushing up on what to expect when Kim Kardashian is expecting.

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