What To Expect When Kim's Expecting

In case you have been locked in a dungeon or caught up in a marathon Neflix binging session for the last 24 hours, you might not have heard that Kim Kardashian West is officially pregnant with Baby #2. Thanks to the constant media coverage of the glorious occasion of Kim's first pregnancy, must of us know what is to come. For those of you who didn't pay attention the first time around though, here are 13 things to expect when Kim Kardashian is expecting.

Kimye has been trying for a while now to give North West a posh baby brother or sister and her hard work has finally paid off. Kim and Kanye are undoubtedly scrambling to get together all tiny Yeezus gear and Balmain tutus they can get their hands on but we need to be preparing for this pregnancy too.

With all the media coverage surrounding our favorite high-maintenance power couple, it feels almost as if this is our baby, too. And everyone knows that when you're having a baby, you have to prepare for it by researching and learning all about motherhood and parenting.

You might be asking yourself "how could I possibly prepare for such a momentous pregnancy?" Well, don't fret because I am here to give you the all-access, exclusive guide to what to expect when Kim Kardashian is expecting.

Amazing Pregnancy Fashion

Kim Kardashian is probably the chicest pregnant woman on the planet and her pregnancy fashion is the stuff dreams are made of. The world eagerly awaits with baited breath to see what she'll wear each time she steps out of the house.

Rampant Speculation About Potential Baby Names

It's been one day so far and I already feel like I've seen upwards of 30 separate articles debating what the baby will be named. This is America's version of Royal Baby #2 so place your bets and cross your fingers as we eagerly await the name.

Divalicious Quotes About Pregnancy

One might describe Kim as just the tiny bit dramatic and this gets turned up about 50 notches when she's expecting. I've already got myself stoked for all the hilariously out-of-touch-with-reality statements that will tumble from her continuously glossed lips.

Nonstop Media Coverage

I know more about the Kardashian Klan than a do about American politics or current events. This is because the media is, as Kim might say, literally obsessed with Kim and kompany and this family cannot sneeze without the American public being alerted about it. I can only imagine the media coverage to come in the next nine months. Prepare yourselves to know every single detail about Kim's pregnancy. Here we come, TMI!

Ridiculous Comments About Her Weight

The media is absolutely ruthless about weight as it is and Kim Kardashian put up with ungodly amounts of criticism about her pregnancy body. Because she is the strong woman that she is, Kim did a great job of telling the haters where they could go and she inspired body positivity in both the expecting and unexpecting women of the world. I know that this time around will be no different and at least we know that Kim knows exactly how to shut down her critics.

So. Many. Selfies.

The Queen of Selfies is pregnant with the future Prince or Princess of Selfies and you know we are going to inundated with a stream of maternity selfies on our Insta feed on the daily. Is it sad that this excites me?

Elaborate Pregnancy Photo Shoots

Personally, I can't get enough of the Kardashian-West clan so bring on the magazine covers and artsy photo shoots.

Talk of South West

The minute that I heard Kim was expecting, I groaned an exaggerated sigh of dread as I imagined how much people will be pushing for Baby #2 to be named South West. I just don't think South West is going to happen because Kimye never does what anyone expects.

Kim Complaining About Being Pregnant

I'd complain all the time too if I wore five-inch heels on the reg into my third trimester of pregnancy.

A Happy Kim

Kim and Kanye have been trying so hard for this second baby and I'm so happy their hard work has finally paid off.

North West In the Spotlight

Sorry, Blue Ivy, North West might be my favorite celebrity baby of all time and I am yearning for even more coverage of this diva in the making.

Dat Ass

Kim's butt is literally legendary and, as everyone knows, those with curves get even curvier with a baby on the way. If Kim's first pregnancy is any indication, we are about to get a glimpse of an even more bootylicious Kim K. in the coming months.

A Sick Post-Baby Bod

Kim works hard to stay in shape and she bounced back remarkably fast from her first pregnancy. I can only imagine that she will show us a miraculous post-baby transformation again the second time around.

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