Google & 'Elle' Reveal The 10 Most Asked Beauty Questions On The Internet, And It Involves Breakouts And Wrinkles

I don't need to tell you that Googling "at home wax treatment" and then following instructions for whatever pops up first is not the best judgement call. We all have used Google seeking answers to our private beauty and style questions, but sorting through all that information can be overwhelming (and maybe a disaster in the making). Lucky for us, Google partnered with ELLE to find the answers to Google's 10 most asked beauty questions, according to the experts.

"Google allows those anonymous answers to our deepest, darkest questions without the fear of judgment," said Alia Ahmed-Yahia, host of the podcast Style Scouting. "What Google will do is return a wealth of articles, what Google won’t do is weed out what's the right information."

To bail us out of Google mis-information, the number one search engine in the world partnered with ELLE Magazine to bring expert answers to some of the most top googled beauty questions on the 'net. GOOGELLE is tapping credible experts to help us solve our top beauty woes.

What we are googling — and our biggest beauty insecurities — vary by state. The most googled question in Florida ("How do I get rid of wrinkles?") is very different from the most googled question in Wisconsin ("How do I clear up a breakout?").

Ahmed-Yahia sat down with ELLE's Beauty Director, Emily Dougherty, on Style Scouting episode eight. Dougherty tackles the simple questions, like how to properly wash your face, to the harder topics, like cellulite treatment and whether or not contouring is tacky.

Above all, one of the most googled questions is how to make eyes look bigger.

"Contrary to what you might think, fake lashes can weigh down your eyelids and create too thick lash lines," Dougherty said. "Instead of black [liner] use a nude pencil on the inner line of your lid, called the waterline." She advised to use a pencil as close to your natural squinting as possible.

If you want to learn more, listen to the podcast and learn what products are working, and what products are a total flop.