Is Sara Harvey In Charles' Dollhouse On 'Pretty Little Liars'? "Game On, Charles" Shows A New Prisoner

When Janel Parrish told ET Online that the opening scene of Pretty Little Liars' Season 6 premiere would break Twitter, she wasn't kidding. We watched a scene already shown in the Season 5 finale, but this time from a totally new perspective. As the Liars and Mona ran through the dollhouse in what would prove to be a fruitless escape attempt, a blonde girl watched them from behind a door, wearing that notorious yellow top. Is Sara Harvey in Charles' dollhouse? The room she was being kept in was covered almost wall-to-wall in tally marks. If that was this new prisoner's way of keeping track of time, she has been in the dollhouse for a very, very long time — much longer than Mona, who's been presumed dead for months.

We only got a brief glimpse of the young blonde, but all signs point to Sara Harvey. We've never seen Sara on the show except for a brief photo accompanying her missing poster, and this prisoner definitely resembled her. The mysterious blonde did remind me of one other unseen Pretty Little Liars character: Bethany Young. We only know the former Radley Sanitarium patient as the body buried in Alison's would-be grave (plus a mysterious connection to Mrs. DiLaurentis). That makes Sara the more likely prisoner, but as "Welcome To The Dollhouse" proved, not all deaths are permanent on PLL. Maybe that body was staged to look like Alison and Bethany.

We saw this mysterious blonde girl later in the episode, as a small window in the door to Spencer's room was lifted and she pushed something through to her. Seeing the Ali outfit, Spencer screamed for Mona, but when she turned around we saw that it was the same mystery prisoner, who looked absolutely terrified.

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