Twice Launches Charity Store With Menswear Director Andre Iguodala, So You Can Make A Stylish Difference

Twice, which is essentially a digital consignment store and ecommerce platform — think eBay where you can buy and sell used yet luxe clothing — popped on my radar earlier this year. The platform did so when it drafted Golden State Warriors hoops star Andre Iguodala as the Twice Menswear Director.

Shopping or selling via Twice is a modern update of the upscale resale shop, IMO, and the concept is easy to warm up to.

While Iguodala is currently soaring through the NBA playoffs and has made it to the finals, he isn't letting his "other" gig at Twice take a backseat.

He just launched his Andre Iguodala Twice store, selling some of his most awesome threads, the proceeds of which he will donate to charity. Look good, feel better! That's the mantra.

A Twice campaign video offers a deeper insight into the baller's view of dressing and fashion, which you don't often hear from men. He points out that Twice clothes are a journey, going from one person's closet to the next, and if you only wear something once or twice, you can easily pass it off to the next good home at a discount. He also says he likes helping provide men with options on what to wear.

It sounds like an Iguodala fashion bromance is brewing with men around the world!

The video also demonstrates how the clothes that come into Twice are cleaned up and styled so they don't feel secondhand!

The clip offers an understanding of his role at Twice, which includes aiding the launch of a men's shoe category. As someone with 400 pairs of kicks, Iguodala knows a thing or two or, well, 400 about footwear.

Obviously, this gig is one that the hoops hero treats seriously.

The men's shoe department just launched with approximately 800 pairs so clearly, the platform is investing mightily in the men's category on all levels.

As for the charity store, Iguodala is parting with pieces from his wardrobre, like snazzy, midnight blue Louboutin sneakers.


Or how about this bold print Givenchy shirt?

A blood red Commes de Garcons cardi — so dude chic. All of these items appear new and crisp, which is a plus when shopping "previously worn" pieces.

Another pair of Louboutins!

Then there is a checked Ralph Lauren Purple Label button down. Yes, Iguodala has mad style and has the star power and passion to make Twice "happen." I'm in.

Images: YouTube (2); LaunchSquad PR (4)