Kevin Federline & Justin Timberlake Have Epic Bromance Potential — Hear Me Out

Talk about an odd couple! In a new interview with Us Weekly, Kevin Federline claims that he and Justin Timberlake pal around together. Yep, that's right: Britney Spears' most famous exes are supposedly BFFs. To refresh your memory, Spears and Timberlake dated from 1999 to 2002 and she is rumored to have inspired his "Cry Me a River" ballad. Spears went on to marry Federline in 2004, although the two split in 2007. They have two kids together, nine-year-old Sean Preston and eight-year-old Jayden James.But all of that is pushed to the side following the news that all this time, the *NSYNC singer and K.Fed have supposedly been friends.

"In the beginning when [Britney and I] first got together, it was awkward and I felt bad — I felt like maybe I should have called [Justin] and talked to him," Federline said, adding, "But I didn’t have his number."

Federline, who used to be one of Timberlake's backup dancers, said things are all good now.

"We’re cool. Me and J are. I actually just went to his last show in Vegas and hung out with him, got to see a lot of old friends," Federline said. "I’m friends with all the security guys. [They're] great, they’re incredible. We’ve actually — guys that work with him have worked with us and still work with me, still to this day. You know everybody, you’re friends with everybody. And yeah, me and J are cool."

Federline even describes what he and Timberlake do when they hang out. Apparently, they are golf buddies...

"My best friend is his choreographer so we have mutual friends, and I mean, we’ve gone out golfing, we’ve hung out," Spears' ex-husband said. "You get older, you grow up, and you realize that was just a time in your life. Sh-t happens."

Thanks, Federline, for introducing the world to what might be the greatest bromance of our time. Excuse me while I sit here and imagine what it's this friendship is like.

They Definitely Shoot Some Hoops

Timberlake is known for his love of basketball, so we'd expect any BFF of his would need to play a little one-on-one with the singer.

They Take The Chaotic Camcorder For A Spin

We all know that the camera was the secret star of Chaotic. Imagine if Timberlake started sharing his inner monologue with Federline.

They Talk Shop

Federline was a model. Timberlake owns a fashion label, William Rast. These two could talk style for days.

They Host Playdates for Their Kids

Federline's fifth child was born in 2014 and Timberlake's first was born in 2015. Imagine the two stars taking their kids to the park. Oh my gosh, I can't even.

They Compare Late-'90s/ Early '00s Hairdos

Timberlake's Ramen-esque hair is iconic, while Federline sported long, flowing locks. No doubt that these two were trendsetters.

They Do The "Bye Bye Bye" Dance

Because we know Timberlake must do it in front of the mirror on the reg.

They Work It in Their Suits & Ties

They're going to leave it all on the floor tonight.

God, I hope all of these things are happening.

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