James Franco Made The Latest Shia LaBeouf Parody

Sometimes I wonder if the Internet is secretly folding itself up into an endless origami. One of these times happened when Taylor Swift started calling herself Aunt Becky. To be real, this kind of stuff happens almost every day, and today's Internet inception moment entails James Franco parodying Shia LaBeouf's meme-seeking video. It's all almost too much for my brain to handle, honestly.

Shia LaBeouf's motivational speech practically begged for people to rip it off in condescending ways. Shortly after its debut, the Internet responded accordingly with a slew of parody videos that ranged from the obvious Nike reference to weirder balcony-set concepts. I kinda wonder if LaBeouf is OK. Like, the reality must fall in one of two very extreme and opposite camps:

  1. He is so far from OK it's actually shameful how much taunting attention we are paying the situation, or
  2. LaBeouf is a very real genius. Think about it: the whole green screen backdrop and...that intensity. Whatever the intention, Franco scooped up the opportunity to put his own creepy spin on it, morphing the message into one that celebrates proper toilet usage. A noble endeavor, I suppose, but I'm unsure of its potential effectivity. Do toddlers respond well to screaming and popping head veins?

OK! I mean, parenting sounds hard. Franco...is a celebrity. So surely that helps? Here's the video in full:

I have a lot of questions. Well, three main ones. Let's review:

Where are his pants?

I hate pants, too. But. This seems unnecessary and a very weird detail to include in a video supposedly directed towards children. Like...why? Why no pants?

Whose bathroom is that?

Franco's? He could use a little help decorating those blank walls. Boooring.

When did Franco become an authority on childrearing?

Look at him! Clearly this is intended as a joke but it seems a very odd choice of delivery and content. But then again—look at him...

I just don't know anymore, guys. I don't know even a little.

Images: Getty Images; Imgur; Giphy (4)