Aria's Pink Highlights Returned To 'Pretty Little Liars' So Get The Look (Temporarily) For Yourself

Pretty Little Liars Season 6 "Summer of Answers" premiered last night and had me feeling all the feels (spoilers ahead, folks!). Spoby and Ezria reunited and swoons could be heard around the world, viewers were introduced to an extremely disheveled Sarah Harvey, and A reinstated Aria's pink highlights. Do not misunderstand me; A is a sadistic monster whom I won't forgive for the nightmare he put the Liars through, but I just cannot be mad at Charles for Aria’s fantastic makeover. In fact, I kind of love him for it.

Rewind past the Charles is A “reveal,” before we thought Toby betrayed Spencer and was actually a member of the A-team, before there even was an “A” and all Aria was concerned with was moving back to the states to reconnect with the three best friends anyone could have and getting over the fact that her father had an affair with one of his students.

Aria rocked hot pink highlights when the show first aired in June 2010. She was the alternative, artsy chick who wore some funky outfits and hooked up with the hottie professor in a bar’s bathroom. Pink hair wasn’t exactly “in” but it wasn’t exactly “out” either.

Pink hair has been a thing this season, many thanks to Coachella-goers, and it doesn’t really matter how you wear it, just that you do. Whether you go all-out like Julianne Hough's cotton candy do, reverse ombre it up like Stephanie Beatriz or take after Aria and dye a few strands for just the right pop of pink, this hairstyle is a beauty bandwagon you'll want to get on.

Ugh, perfection. If I hadn't become a blonde a few weeks ago, chopping off my locks and incorporating some pink highlights could very well have happened. I'll cross my fingers that pink hair will still be trending by fall. If not, I'll channel my inner Lucy Hale and bring it back.

For those of you looking for your next hairstyle, I encourage you to take advantage of this funky do. Check out three ways you can get Aria Montgomery pink highlights, from totally temporary to permanently pink.

1. Clip in Hair Extensions

Pink Hair Extension 15in, $0.99,

Any kind of crazy, bold hair color is a commitment. If you're only looking to rock pink highlights on a strictly party basis, I suggest investing in some hot pink hair extension clip ins.

2. Color Spray Chalk

Bumble and Bumble Spray Chalk 1.4oz, $19.00,

Spray Chalk is a perfect temporary color solution. You control how much or how little color you put into your hair, and after a night as a pink lady, your coloring will wash out in the shower.

3. Hair Dye

Amplified High Voltage Complete Coloring Box Kit, $19.95,

Go bold or go home, right? If you're dying to take the plunge into the pink waters, look no further than your trusty at-home dye or head out to the salon to douse your do in a hot pink shade.

Images: Courtesy Brands