'Fantasia' Segment "Night On Bald Mountain" Is Getting The Live-Action Treatment & So Should These Vignettes

Remember the scariest vignette from Disney's 1940 animated feature Fantasia? Well, it's officially getting the live-action treatment, so prepare to be horrified all over again. According to Variety, Fantasia 's "Night On Bald Mountain" will be adapted into a live-action film, in the same vein as recently announced adaptations of Mulan, Dumbo, Beauty & The Beast, Tarzan,and The Jungle Book. (You know, just to name a few.) "Night On Bald Mountain" is a particularly dark segment, which depicts Chernabog, "God of Evil" (yes, really) summoning his demonic followers to wreak havoc. Eventually, Chernabog is destroyed by the light of day, but still — disturbing much, Disney? We're in for one hell of a ride when this thing gets the live-action treatment.

You might be surprised by this development, but this isn't even the first live-action adaptation of a Fantasia segment. The 2010 film The Sorcerer's Apprentice starring Jay Baruchel and Nicolas Cage is based on the segment of the same name from the classic animated film, with Baruchel taking over for the part of Mickey Mouse. (Don't worry, they didn't give him ears or anything.) Fantasia is officially ripe for story-mining, so I doubt that the "Night On Bald Mountain" segment will be the last one Disney borrows from the film.

So what other segments might make decent Disney flicks? I checked out Disney's original Fantasia and Fantasia 2000 to mine for the next Big Disney Picture.

"Rhapsody In Blue," Fantasia 2000

Danai Karais on YouTube

The "musical portrait of New York City" is the perfect inspiration for a whimsical musical about a struggling piano player.

"The Carnival Of The Animals," Fantasia 2000

Nantsingonyama on YouTube

David Schwimmer could voice one of the CGI flamingos in this fantasy adventure.

"The Pastoral Symphony," Fantasia

chiasma16 on YouTube

There aren't nearly enough female centaurs in today's media, and that's just plain tragic. Paging Emma Watson.

"Pines Of Rome," Fantasia 2000

Hello — whales! Or, in Disney-land, CGI whales. There's a reason Free Willy was such a big hit.

"Dance Of The Hours," Fantasia

ilusiondeayer on YouTube

I already have the premise: A snooty ballerina learns about acceptance when a wizard turns her into a dancing hippo. Pay me, Disney, it practically sells itself.

"The Rite Of Spring," Fantasia

recentlyentered on YouTube

It's happening, and it's called Jurassic World.

Images: Disney (screenshot); Red Ryder/YouTube