7 Eyeliner Shapes That Tell The World Something About You (Because Eyeliner Game Is Strong)

Because cosmetology is an amazing art form, there are dozens of eyeliner shapes to choose from when applying your eye makeup. And it's amazing to me how creative people can get with their eyeliner designs.

I'm absolutely impressed with those who change up their shape and try new variations — not only because they look so intriguing and lovely, but also because it takes some serious effort and concentration to get eyeliner looking great. At least for me, anyway! I've pretty much mastered the flick out by now, but I don't know how daring I am to try other styles.

I mean, even with all the options, if you're like me, you tend to stick with one or two basic styles for your everyday makeup routine, and that's good enough for you. I'm sure there are many of us who have that go-to look that doesn't take as long to accomplish because we've done it so often.

But just because it's gotten easier over time, I don't think that's the only reason why we're going back to our favorite eyeliner shape. I think that distinct line we draw on our eyelids can actually say something about our personalities. Maybe we're doing it without even noticing it, or perhaps it's a known and deliberate decision — either way, take a look at the following basic eyeliner shapes and see if you've been pegged. And at the very least, perhaps these styles will give you some new eye makeup inspiration to change it up this summer!

1. No Liner

If you're the type to say "eff that" when it comes to drawing lines around your lids, you're likely to be a no mess, no hassle type of gal. Maybe your hands aren't too steady, or maybe you just can't be bothered. Either way, there's an effortlessness to who you are.

People find it easy to be around you, and you're not the intimidating type. This isn't to say your personality doesn't stand out, because you definitely don't go unnoticed. But you have a gentle way about you, and it's often what you don't say that keeps people intrigued.

2. Classic Bar

If you stick to the natural shape of your eye, you're likely to have an equally classic sense of style. You're not afraid to admit that you're OK with traditions. This doesn't mean you don't find other ways to show off a bit of creativity, but you tend to operate under the mentality that "if it's not broken, why fix it?"

This creates a stability to who you are, and people are likely to find you a dependable friend. Common sense is one of your strong points, because hey, easy isn't always lazy. Sometimes, it just makes sense.

3. The Flick

If you're happy to get a little winged out in your eyeliner, then it's probable that there's a slight "edge" of ingenuity to your personality. Maybe it's a known thing to your friends, or maybe it's something you're actually hiding, but you should know that your unique brilliance can really bring answers to the problems around you.

You're able to see things outside of the box, and it could be said that "you color outside the lines."

4. Double Flick

If you're the gal with an affinity to go bigger with that double flick, then it might be that "go big or go home" suits your line of thinking. If you're going to do something, you're going to do it with some pizzazz!

People probably come to you for inspiration, and it could be that you have no idea how much you are admired for you sense of creativity and openness. The world needs you, girl.

5. Dropped Flick

If you've got a thing for the downward line at the edge of your eyelid, then it's likely you're the type of friend who, like your liner, follows through to the end. If you say you're going to do something, then it's going to get done — no matter what.

You're a survivor, and you may have had to persevere through some trying times, but you just don't give up easily, and you're a better person because of it.

6. Smoky Eye

If your go-to eye liner fix is the smoky eye, then I'm thinking you've got a bit of mystery to who you are. It's not that people find you hard to figure out; it's just that there's a special quality to the way you do life, and your friends just can't get you out of their minds.

On the other hand, there's a practicality to you. In terms of this particular type of eyeliner, you don't exactly have to make your line perfect, so you've found a way to bypass that but create a killer look. Like duh, you're a smart cookie.

7. Panda Smudge

If you're the makeup wearer who takes the smoky eye to the next level, then it's likely you've got your own personal cosmetology degree. I'll bet you do your friends' makeup all the time and absolutely love trying new things. It wouldn't be uncommon for you, either, to be the one who's always having her friends over and hosting parties.

Your heart is as big as your eyeliner, and everyone wants to know you, which makes making new friends as easy as applying your totally cool eye makeup.

Images: nevineselimmakeupartist, thatroxxiegirl, buildingbonfires, mbaify, amberkadabrah, eflicciardello, makeupallday_/Instagram