Why 'Veronica Mars' Couple Hannah & Logan Were Actually The Cutest Couple On The Show

OK, so, I'll admit it: I'm pretty much the biggest Logan/Veronica 'shipper I know. But, just because I adore everything about Logan Echolls and Veronica Mars on Veronica Mars doesn't mean that I can't acknowledge some quality runner-ups for each half of the couple. Even if you 'ship Logan and Veronica more than any other television couple you've ever 'shipped, you'd be crazy not to admit, for instance, that Piz was pretty decent kid — even if he wasn't exactly right for Veronica. Similarly, Logan had his very own version of Piz, too — and no, I'm definitely not talking about Kendall Casablancas. No, I'm talking about another petite blonde Logan was close with: Hannah Griffith. Logan's short-lived relationship with Hannah in Season 2 may not have been OTP-worthy, but it was pretty cute nonetheless. Please don't hate me forever, fellow LoVe 'shippers!

For those of you who barely remember Hannah, she was briefly Logan's girlfriend in Season 2, and their love didn't exactly go about the traditional path. Logan first tried to win Hannah's affections because her father, Dr. Griffiths, was the plastic surgeon testifying that it was Logan who murdered PCH biker gang member, Felix Toombs. (Not the best way to start a relationship, I know — but it's not like Logan wasn't ever a jerk to Veronica, right?) Though the couple only dated for four episodes and their relationship was peppered with secrets and lies, their romance was still surprisingly sweet.

Need proof? Here's why Logan and Hannah were pretty darn cute despite the odds stacked against them:

1. It Proved Logan Had A Soul

OK, it's not like we didn't already know that — Logan was super sweet to Veronica at the end of Season 1. Unfortunately, he kind of went back to his old, obligatory psychotic jackass ways after Veronica dumped him. Getting together with Hannah allowed us to see a sweet side of Logan, and seeing how bad he felt about lying to her proved that he did have a conscience.

2. We Got To See Logan Woo Hannah

Logan's charm game was ridiculously strong with Hannah, probably because his intention was to manipulate her into falling for him in the first place. Still, who doesn't want to watch Logan get his flirt on?

3. Hannah Wasn't Cynical Like Logan And Veronica

Logan and Veronica were brought together by their mistrust of the world, so Hannah was a refreshing step into the light for the 09er. Hannah was sweet, bubbly, and showed affection for others without ulterior motives. There were plenty of reasons to be cynical in Neptune, but it was refreshing for young Mr. Echolls to be with someone who didn't really see those reasons... at least, until she started dating Logan, of course.

4. It Was A Classic Tale Of Bad Boy Gone Good

It's a tale as old as time: Bad boy meets good girl and is better for it. Logan may not have been meant for Hannah, but I think she did teach him a thing or two about how to treat people better.

5. They Ended So Tragically

Is there anything that makes a story more Romeo & Juliet than parents who don't want their kids to be together? Hannah's dad ripping her away from Logan, and Logan vowing that there was nothing that would stop him from seeing her was weirdly romantic — even if "nothing" turned out to be "Hannah going away to boarding school, never to be seen again."

6. Their 'Ship Name Is HaLo

It's not LoVe, sure — but it's not bad!

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