"Seth Cohen Was My First Love" Tee From 'Nylon' Online Shop & Other Fangirl Memorabilia You Have to Have

Nylon would like to remind us that it’s not love unless declared across your apparel. In an Instagram post Wednesday advertising the mag’s Nylon Shop deal-of-the-day, a “Seth Cohen Was My First Love” tee, the pop culture and fashion glossy instantly brought me back to my grammar school days when girls (myself included) declared their undying love for Justin Timberlake and Brad Pitt by writing in “I heart Justin” on notebooks and wearing t-shirts displaying the Fight Club heartthrob‘s face across their chest.

No matter how popular the man crush Monday tradition gets, nothing can come between a fan girl and her man crush clothing, accessories, office supplies and coffee mugs. Nothing I tell you!

I remember my fourteenth birthday like it was yesterday. I had been obsessing over Sixteen Candles as if it were a new flick. I dreamed of a boy sweeping me off my feet after Sunday service and kissing me awkwardly over my candle-lit cake. This, unfortunately, never happened — but dreaming about it was made easier when I opened my sister's gift to me, an “I love Jake Ryan” graphic tee that I wore to bed every night until I moved on to Pretty in Pink.

So whether you deny decorating your backpack with boy band buttons and wearing Brad Pitt's face on your night shirt or are shamelessly looking to expand your man crush memorabilia collection, check out these seven pieces that are guaranteed to strike a nostalgic nerve.

1. Seth Cohen

Seth Cohen Was My First Love T-Shirt, $34.00, nylon.com

Because Seth Cohen had us feeling all the feels on The O.C.

2. Jake Ryan

Jake Ryan Sixteen Candles T-Shirt, $20.00, 80stees.com

Because he gave Molly Ringwald a happy birthday.

3. Zack Morris

"Saved by the Bell" I Love Zack Morris Button, $0.79, amazon.com

Because who wasn't obsessed with Zack and Kelly?

4. Team Edward

Boys That Sparkle T-Shirt, $22.00, cafepress.com

Because I know I'm not the only one who fell in love with the perfection that is Edward Cullen.

5. Team Spike

Team Spike Buff the Vampire Slayer Frame, $40.00, etsy.com

Because before Twilight, there was Buffy, and Spike always wins.

6. Justin Timberlake

Mentally Dating Justin T-Shirt, $22.97, customizedgirl.com

Because one time my sister actually believed Justin Timberlake was her soulmate.

7. Ryan Gosling

Ryan Gosling Fever T-Shirt, $22.39, skreened.com

Because Ryan Gosling. You're welcome.

Images: Courtesy Brands