Taylor Swift Hikes Backwards Because Of Paparazzi & She's Employed This Impressive Skill Before — PHOTO

Taylor Swift is just kicking off her much anticipated 1989 World Tour, so her days of walking through NYC in perfect outfits might come to a halt a bit. But we will always have her Tumblr, which she uses quite a bit to keep in touch with fans and offer insight into her life as one of the biggest pop stars (and people) in the world. Through her Tumblr, we are reminded that Swift is human, like the rest of us, but she has probably learned the skill to walks backwards way better than any normal person. One of her fans recently submitted a bizarre photo of Taylor Swift walking down a hill backwards to the 25-year-old's Tumblr and asked her what on Earth was going on.

At first glance, anyone walking backwards looks really creepy, and the pic of Swift walking backwards is especially creepy with the way her bodyguard is facing her. Was he telling her to fix her posture? Was he demanding she keep walking straight ahead? Well, a little of the latter actually. Swift responded to the fan with an interesting explanation, writing,

I saw the guy with the camera and wasn’t in the mood so I hiked the whole trail backwards and my security told me when to make turns. Ah, the tranquility of the great outdoo-TAYLORCANYOULOOKOVERHEREGIVEUSASMILEAREYOUDATINGJYCGUCKVHKCTAYLORHEYTAYLOR"

Ugh. That sounds so annoying, doesn't it? While many other people have gone on intense anti-paparazzi tirades, Swift showed off her sense of humor and down-to-earth nature by responding with a funny little quip and a gif, of course. And it's not just any gif, it's Kristen Wiig in Bridesmaids, which is just one more reason Swift is so relatable.

So, as much as her privacy is being invaded on a constant basis, Swift has figured out ways to make her life as a celebrity as easy as possible. She recently even said that being a pop star is "not that hard," so I am inclined to think that she is doing just fine in the face of fame when it comes to dealing with the annoying parts, as well as the amazing parts.

Speaking of adapting, Swift seems to have acquired this impressive backwards walking skill and made it work as a way to evade paparazzi in the past. I think if I ever tried to hike backwards (or do anything backwards), there wouldn't be enough photos of me standing up to even be able to recognize me.

X17onlineVideo on YouTube

Last March, a video was captured of Swift leaving a parking garage while, yes, walking backwards. Because of the bizarreness of the event, fans seemed to be concerned for her well-being, which can be seen in the treasure trove of YouTube comments.

Yep, Taylor Swift fans, she is fine and normal. It's just sometimes you're tired and don't want people taking HD photos of your face.

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