Drake Reportedly Bailed On TIDAL At The Last Minute, But Can The Company Overcome Negative Press & Become a Huge Success?

Another day, another unflattering rumor associated with Jay Z’s Tidal streaming service. According to Billboard, Drake bailed on a TIDAL partnership two days before the company’s star-studded press conference in March, which publicly marked its official launch. Instead, the "Started From the Bottom" rapper has allegedly signed on with Apple as a celebrity DJ for iTunes radio, also according to Billboard. Despite Jay Z's attempts to reassure the masses that the storied choppy waters surrounding TIDAL are merely the handiwork of ambitious haters, a supposed diss from a huge star like Drake certainly won't help the company's case — at least in the eyes of critics who are probably pondering this question now more than ever: What are the chances of TIDAL turning things around and becoming a huge success?

First off, there are certainly a number of TIDAL pros and cons to consider. The most obvious thing the streaming service has going for itself are the 16 celebrity artists backing the company, including Beyoncé, Kanye West, Daft Punk, Rihanna, Alicia Keys, Nicki Minaj, and others. They have all cultivated extensive fanbases, so having them on board is certainly a major selling point for TIDAL. Also, Jay Z's mission to help artists increase their earning power and retain certain rights over their creations is admirable, if nothing else. It would stand to reason that those who support these artists want them to be able to market music in a way that benefits them and purports to enhance the fan experience. Surely, there are a number of TIDAL subscribers who'd love nothing more than to be on the receiving end of one of Jay Z's cold calls.

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Having said that, the negative press surrounding TIDAL is so overwhelming that it prompted Jay Z to tweet a series of #TidalFacts. That may sound like a relatively minor gesture, but for someone who rarely appears on social media, it spoke volumes to naysayers. It didn't help matters much when Tidal's CEO left the company shortly after the launch followed by reports of the app's meager ranking. Then came the rumor about the service losing Beyoncé's music, followed by the backlash over the lack of diversity amongst Tidal's staff. With all of the negative reports associated with the streaming service, the mantra, "All press is good press" doesn't appear to apply in this situation.

In sharing his #TidalFacts, Jay Z tweeted, "We are here for the long haul," which very well may turn out to be a true statement. But with all of the outright opposition Tidal is facing, the path to widespread success certainly won't be an easy one.

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