12 Times Tom Hiddleston Was Totally Seductive

by Caitlyn Callegari

OK, so, I think it’s pretty safe to say that we all have celebrity crushes. It’s simply a part of human nature, right? Nothing at all to be ashamed of, regardless of the fact that those feelings won’t ever be reciprocated. How could they be? It’s not like you’re ever going to get to meet these celebs, and if you do, it will probably only be for a fleeting moment. There’s no time to fall into a cliché, coffee shop date sort of love. Besides who wants to deal with paparazzi anyway? It’s cool though, because that’s not even what it’s about, is it? It’s just a silly dream. But, there are some of those celebrity crushes that trump others in way of fervor. Like, for instance, fans' love and desire for the unparalleled Tom Hiddleston who has captured not only our hearts but also our eyes. 'Cause, let’s be honest: Dude is super nice to look at.

And, with someone who oozes charisma as easily as the Thor actor does, it’s not hard to find him, well, seductive. Like… all of the time. But, there are those instances that he particularly appeals to us, and it’s usually when he’s doing something in his cool, suave way making all of us diehard fans swoon. And so, here is a compilation of 12 separate times where Hiddleston totes seduced us all.

1. When He Had The Audacity To Do This

*Summons willpower*


2. When His Piercing Stare Caught Everyone Off Guard


"You and I, collide... Do, do, do, do..."

3. When He Performed This Sacred Mating Ritual Dance

And it totally worked.

4. That Time You Wished You Were This Popcorn Statuette

Really though, what would it have taken for mom to fall in love with a glimmering popcorn kernel?

5. When He Showed Off His, Uh, Refined Assets


6. When We Got Impossibly Lost In His Baby Blues


And we all totally got what Peter Gabriel was talking about.

7. When He Went All Loki On Us

And we were like "Yeah, that's cool..."

8. When He, As Regina George Would Say, "Looked Sexy With His Hair Pushed Back"

Let's be real though, Aaron Samuels locks ain't got nothin' on Tom's.

9. When He Licked His Lips & You Forgot Your Own Name

"Hi! I'm... Oh who the hell cares, it doesn't matter."

10. And That Time He Was Being All Nonchalant Like This


*Melts into puddle*

"Clean up on aisle 5!"

11. When He Stared Into Your Soul


*Sweats profusely*

When he did the thing we were dreaming he'd do

Right back at ya, Pal. Right. Back. At. Ya.

Images: Giphy (12); Getty Images (6)