These Are The Best Tom Hiddleston GIFs Ever

by Chelsea Mize

It's a difficult fact (yes: fact) to deny: Tom Hiddleston is the full package. The man who brings Loki to life on screen is charitable, charming, romantic, respectful of his fans, and a feminist — in addition to being drop-dead gorgeous and perfection in a suit — what's not to love? Don't believe me? Firstly, how dare you? And, secondly, checking out these 17 Tom Hiddleston GIFs might help you end up a Hiddlestoner yourself.

Really, though: the widespread obsession with Tom Hiddleston is absolutely understandable (and he's actually a pretty good role model to look up to). Hiddleston's talents are plentiful and he even outdoes my favorite quadruple-threat, Justin Timberlake. Seriously: Hiddleston acts, sings, dances, and, on top of all that, he's got quite the sense of humor. Plus he's hot. Really hot. And did I mention British? Case closed.

Whether you're a diehard Hiddlestoner or a newcomer to Tom's charms (or even just want to stare at a beautiful man for a few minutes — trust me, no one is judging here), these 17 Tom Hiddleston GIFs will brighten your day and leave you swooning. Just be sure not to, like, drool on your laptop or something, because that won't end well.

Baby Blues

His blue eyes are limpid pools of desire.

The Boy on Fire

[fire emoji] [smiley face with hearts for eyes emoji] [kissing boy and girl emoji]


The hottest giggler you will ever see.

Tom's as Fiesty as His Fans

So sassy.

Of Cookie Monsters and (Hot) Men

It's the only instance where the cookie isn't the focus of the photo.

Gotta Love a Man in Uniform

Downton Abbey would probably have gotten picked up for another season if they'd cast Tom Hiddleston... just sayin'.

Dance, Dance

Nobody puts Hiddleston in a corner.

We're Still Up All Night to Get Loki'd

All. Night.

The Finest Dentistry in All the Land

If Tom ever hits a lull in his acting career, he's a lock for Crest Whitestrips Celebrity Spokesperson.

Gangnam Style

Tom should join Psy on tour.


Can't argue with him there.

Good with Kids? Check.

I know you are, but what am I?

Too Cool For School


Say Please

He's even hotter when he's bossy.

Because Why?

The answer to every question.

Bedroom Eyes

Need I say more?

If You Insist...

Yes, please.

Images: Giphy (17)