She's Single — And On 'Couples Therapy'

This Teen Mom makes her own rules. Case in point: Appearing on a couples counseling show without a partner in crime. That's right: Farrah Abraham will appear on VH1's Couples Therapy by herself. So how does that work? I thought the point of the show was to watch couples hash their ish out. Maybe I'm being a bit of a stickler, but this change is causing me a great deal of anxiety. HOWEVER! If Abraham winds up benefiting from her time with Dr. Jenn Berman, I can't stress over the rule change too much. Here is the full season four cast:

  • Farrah Abraham
  • Taylor Armstrong and John Bluher
  • Ghostface Killah and Kelsey Nykole
  • Whitney Mixter and Sada Bettencourt
  • Jon Gosselin and Liz Janetta

You know what I can stress over? That someone asked Taylor Armstrong (and her new fiancé Bluher) to be on another reality show. She went through A LOT while on Real Housewives of Beverly Hills. Taylor and first husband Russell Armstrong's toxic, abusive relationship was too real for reality television, but it remained a RHOBH "storyline" regardless. So very sad. And as if her storyline/real life wasn't tragic enough, in 2011, Russell committed suicide. This horrific period of Taylor's life was caught on camera and watched in millions of homes.

Why Taylor would want to enter the reality show arena again is beyond me. Why Taylor would be comfortable with putting another relationship on TV is beyond me. I know I'm not Taylor (and I hate telling anyone how to live their life), but if I were in her shoes, I'd want to keep my distance from the cameras and microphone packs for a long, long time. Okay, putting my soapbox back on top of my refrigerator where it belongs.

I genuinely hope the show helps out Taylor and Bluher. I genuinely hope it helps out all of the cast members. If it worked for season two's Shayne Lamas and Nik "The Dirty" Richie, Couples Therapy can work for anyone! Unless you are Courtney Stodden and Doug Hutchison. Hopefully, none of the season four cast members are actually Stodden and Hutchison in disguise. Oh, I take that back. That'd be the greatest reality television moment ever.