7 Period Television Shows With Wardrobes That Have Slayed Our Nostalgic Hearts

There's nothing like getting lost in the world of a period drama — so thank goodness for the amazing plethora of period television shows on Netflix. I could get caught up in a whole series in one weekend! There's just so much to love: the romance, the intrigue, and the timeless costumes. It's all so captivating!

Maybe it's because I absolutely love escaping the modern world and trading it in for a different time period that keeps me locked into a good show set in the past. Maybe it just seems like everything in yesteryear was so much more exciting, so that mystery keeps me coming back for more. But I think one of the most intriguing factors about a period drama is seeing the amazing clothes people wore through so many different eras.

Of course fashion is going to play a big part in the mind of someone who writes fashion articles for a living, but I think it's pretty safe to say that many other humans are just as interested and inspired by the fashions of the past.

So when it comes to television shows that stand out in my mind as some of the best in portraying a particular era, I'm most drawn to those that honestly make me want to wear the clothes and time travel to decades past. I think the BBC almost has a monopoly on amazing period dramas, as the network has just done so many. They're pretty much the expert broadcasting company on producing some truly fashion forward (or should I say backward) inspiration.

1. Call The Midwife

Set in the 1950s and '60s, this show captures some of the best fashion from post-war England. While its subject matter can be almost haunting and is pretty much always sure to make me cry, I love seeing how the midwives dress — in their uniform and especially in their everyday clothes. So distinguished and always dressed to a T, these ladies are a must see.

2. Downton Abbey

Covering a time span from 1912-1924 (so far), Downton Abbey has been such a hit the past several years. Its fans are incredibly devoted to the show, and it's captured not only the U.K.'s heart, but also American audiences to the core. I think it's such a fascinating time period because there were so many changes in the world taking place — and that is translated into the way that the women of the show are portrayed and costumed.

3. The Paradise

Set in 1875, this love story shows the dynamic difference in fashion from the late Victorian period to now. The 1800s continue to fascinate us — probably because the 19th century seems so distinct from society now. But because this show is all about the (fictional) first department store in England, it is chock-full of fashion and references to the luxurious trends of the times. It was all about detail, quality, and passion. Seriously delicious.

4. Mad Men

Let's switch gears here a bit to '60s New York City. I mean, what's not to be infatuated with in this show? I know all the fans are sad it's over, but hey, all good things must come to an end, right? This show is especially amazing for all the vintage fashion lovers out there. What inspiration! And it totally makes me realize how far we've drifted from the seemingly super stylish and exquisite '60s.

5. Hatfields And McCoys

This miniseries takes us back to the 1800s, set in the Appalachian mountains of the South East. It really gives us a glimpse of what country-living folks of that era dressed like — and not to mention the intense family feuds that took place.

6. The Bletchley Circle

And we're back in early '50s in England, with this thrilling crime investigation show. I absolutely adored the fashion presented here. Although set in the same time period as Call the Midwife, the ladies of this show are of a completely different personality and profession — so you get to see some amazing and unique takes on '50s, progressive-minded women.

7. Salem

Set in the 1600s during the Salem Witch Trails, this show completely takes fashion way back and shows us what it was like to live during that time. The gothic style is simply fascinating and, dare I say, haunting. There's something truly unique about this time period — perhaps in that it seems so completely distant. But there's still some serious inspiration to be gained from all that black.

Images: BBC One (2); ITV; AMC; History Channel; World Productions; WGN America