11 Of Summer 2015's Best Nonfiction Books That Will Actually Make You A More Intelligent Person (Probably)

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Summer is finally here, which means it’s time to book that vacation, kick back, and revel in the glorious feeling of having nothing whatsoever to do. Reading these summer 2015 nonfiction books should definitely not be on the agenda.

You do know I'm 100 percent kidding, right? We all know that summer is a competition: who can read the most exciting new books to impress their colleagues with by the time September rolls around. There’s plenty of time to get stuck in to some brand new novels, to travel through time with some nostalgic summer reads, or to scare yourself silly with some thrillers — but best of all, there’s time to swot up on the latest brainy reads.

This summer, get ready to dive into some memoirs and biographies so touching, hilarious, and truly inspirational that they will actually make you a better person. And by a better person, I mean a more well-read and intellectual person than everyone else you work with, so you win. These titles are being released throughout the summer, so if you pace yourself right, you’ll be able to keep your nose firmly in a book all the way through the sunny months ahead.

Image: Lealnard/Fotolia

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