7 Things That Probably Happened In 'Pretty Woman' After The Credits Stopped Rolling

Julia Roberts didn't become America's sweetheart by accident. Since her breakthrough role in Mystic Pizza in 1988, Julia Roberts has been continually stealing the hearts of all those leading men who try to woo her with their fancy cars and spilled lemonade. She's never been the classic damsel in distress, and her big red head of hair with her even bigger laugh have helped make her the unlikely queen of romcoms. It's hard to pick Julia Roberts' most iconic romantic comedy, but when it comes to the creme de la creme, it's Pretty Woman that shines above the rest.

You could throw Julia Roberts and Richard Gere into a storage container and they'd find a way to make the situation irresistibly charming and full of palpable sexual chemistry — they're just that good together. So when Gere played a hot-shot millionaire named Edward who fell in love Julia Roberts' fiery call girl Vivian, things got pret-ty steamy. We all know how the story goes: Edward hires Vivian, Vivian defies his expectations, Vivian tries to buy fancy clothes at a fancy place and she gets rejected, Edward shows Vivian a life of luxury, Vivian returns to the fancy story and shoves it in their fancy faces, they fall for each other, then they lose each other, and then Edward shows up to Vivian's apartment and wins her over from her fire escape. It's a tale as old as time!

But what happens to Edward and Vivian after the credits roll? Let's have a ponder:

First They Drive Off In Edward's Car And Spend A Weekend In Vegas

In which Vivian wins an Elvis sing-and-dance-off.

Then Vivian And Edward Spend An Entire Year Jet-Setting Around Europe

Enjoying the Italian seasides, the French wine country, and riding bikes in Amsterdam.

Vivian Opens Her Own Fashion Boutique

Filled with fancy-yet-adventurous designs. No bullies allowed.

Edward Starts Investing In This Thing Called "The Internet"

It goes very well for him.

Kit Writes A Tell-All Memoir About Her Life As An Escort

It's a bestseller and she gets a film option for it.

Vivian Is Cast In The Lead Role Of The Film

It's called La Vie En Mensonge.

And She Wins An Oscar!



Edward Becomes Her Agent

That. Suit.

And They Lived Happily Ever After


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