What A Simple Breakup Would Look Like, If Only The Human Race Were Yet Capable Of These #RelationshipGoals — VIDEO

Relationships are complicated, we all know this. They're the Rubik's cubes of human interaction, and getting out of one gracefully is like making all the colored edges align: It's hard and nearly impossible to do so you just give up and throw it against a wall in frustration, leaving a great big mess where perfect blocks of color should have been. BuzzFeed has made a video taking the liberty of showing us what it would look like if breakups were simple. Spoiler alert: This is the paradise you never knew you wanted or needed.

In this fantasy break up, there's no animosity, ho hard feelings and no tension. Both parties are in enthusiastic agreement, and are able to be frank and jovial while navigating one of the more traditionally awkward parts of a relationship. No one screams or cries (until the end, when we get to see what a REAL break up looks like), no one is resentful, and no one is being cruel or mean spirited. It's not just breakups we should be approaching this way: It's everything. If only politicians were this diplomatic! Can you imagine? World peace is achievable, people. Here's what happens in a simple breakup:

1. Both parties want to break up

2. Both parties are in agreement on the state of the relationship

3. Everyone is happy and happy to help their ex move on

4. Everyone deletes naked pics


5. Non-bitter return of each other's property and gifts

6. Uncomplicated, unemotional break up sex

Watch the video here to see how breaking up would look in a perfect world:

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