Boozy Taco Bell Is Officially Happening!

by Mikaela Gilbert-Lurie

I've never been so jealous of people who live in Chicago. Why? Becase it's official: Taco Bell will be serving alcohol in its new Wicker Park location. As you might imagine, I'm feeling a lot of feels about it — and I bet you are, too. So let's take a moment to work through a few of them, shall we?

When we first heard that Taco Bell might become a boozy restaurant, we were tentatively excited. OK, we were really excited — but there was always that lingering fear that it might not come to fruition, and that our drunken Taco Bell dreams might be thwarted.

But we can finally rejoice: According to Bloomberg, Taco Bell will definitely be serving alcohol at its new "urban concept" Wicker Park store, which will echo the vibes in already trendy, boozy Taco Bells abroad, like those in South Korea, Japan, and Spain. The urban concept Taco Bells have more open kitchens, as well as food served in open-faced wicker baskets in order to showcase ingredients.

There's no word yet on what the specific drink menu will consist of, but Taco Bell reps say that guests can expect "Twisted Freezes," which are frozen drinks with vodka, tequila, or rum, alongside draft beers and wine. Alcoholic drinks will be distinguishable from their nonalcoholic counterparts by the cups in which they're served.

Naturally, learning that Taco Bell will now become the boozy taco shop of your dreams can be an emotional roller coaster. Don't worry — these feelings are all natural and a normal part of adjusting to big, exciting news. You'll probably be able to identify with the six stages of learning that Taco Bell will now serve alcohol listed below.


Is this real? Are the rumors true? Will I really be able to drink an icy margarita as I chomp down on a Doritos Locos Taco? These are all normal questions to ask yourself during this first stage.

2. Fear

What if it's all a dream? You begin to fear that Taco Bell's alcohol options will consist of too much whipped cream flavored vodka. Maybe it won't live up to your expectations. Maybe it won't exist at all.

3. Hope

But maybe it'll be great. Taco Bell is the best drunk food, anyway, so we might as well streamline the process and get drunk there.

4. Unabashed Excitement

Boozy Taco Bell will literally be the best thing ever. You're tweeting at Taco Bell right now to tell them how excited you are for #DrunkTacoBell

5. Disappointment

For the majority of us who don't live in Chicago, our excitement is dampened when we realize the only Taco Bell in America that is going to serve alcohol is the Wicker Park store.

6. A Resurgence of Hope

But where there's smoke, there's fire, right? If you wish, hope, and dream hard enough, maybe the next boozy Taco Bell location will be the one right near you.

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