What If Lana Del Rey Videos Were Instagram Filters

I've been revisiting my love for Lana Del Rey, and I am continually impressed and in awe of the entire aesthetic and world she has created in her music. There is no other "pop" artist out right now who has the same throwback feel and tragic glamour, and her songs are both poignant and beautiful. Can you tell I am a fan? She is the sad girl poet of our pop generation, and I want to it take it all in. Because she is so involved in completely committing to her aesthetic for each album, it only makes sense that Lana Del Rey's music videos follow suit and are works of art themselves.

Sure, some of her videos are very over-the-top and really depressingly tragic, but Lana Del Rey is no Katy Perry talking about blow up pink flamingos at a pool party — and that's why I love her. She is real and complicated and lovely, all at the same time.

Since I am a total sucker for photography and Instagram, and follow quite a few very "curated" accounts because I like pretty things, I thought it'd be fun to put my expertise to good use. I am answering the age old (not really) question: If Lana Del Rey music videos were Instagram filters, which ones would they be? This is very important stuff.

"Young & Beautiful"

Filter: Lo-Fi

This video is totally the Lo-Fi filter, which adds a blurry and somewhat "dreamy" effect to your photo, but also makes the dark parts pop out more in contrast. This effect can be seen in the scenes with the orchestra and the pop of Lana's red lipstick against the grainy focus on her face.

"National Anthem"

Filter: Earlybird

Earlybird adds some edges that make your photo look like an old snapshot, which is precisely what this video feels like.

"Summertime Sadness"

Filter: Mayfair

The tones are mostly in yellow and pink with a fuzzy vignette — and we know Lana loves a good vignette.

"Shades of Cool"

Filter: Hudson

This song just feels like the color blue, which the Hudson filter adds, ahem, shades of. The song is slow and slinks like a summer day that leads you to dip your toes in the ocean with your lover. Hey, Lana brings the poet out in me.

"Blue Jeans"

Filter: Inkwell

This video is like a film noir snippet, so obviously Inkwell, with its dark contrast, is the perfect match. I have a feeling Harry Styles would be feeling this one too.


Filter: X-PRO II

This filter is warm and has a vintage feeling, but still has high saturation. The colors in "Ride" are very rich throughout the video, especially when Lana is traipsing around the desert with her biker boos.


Filter: Valencia

Oh, Lana. So tragic, so beautiful. Valencia also adds a warm vintage feel with brown and grey tints and this is everything that "Ultraviolence" is about.

OK, Ms. Del Rey, time to release some new videos. There A LOT of filters left!