Victoria Beckham Reflects On The Spice Girls & Her Way Of Defining "Real Girl Power" Is Perfect

Sounds like Victoria Beckham was in the mood to reflect on her Posh days. The former Spice Girl did a question and answer session with Fern Mallis in New York City on June 3 where she spoke candidly on her early Spice days and her relationship with her former band mates. Victoria Beckham said she is still close with all the Spice Girls, and judging by her fond recollection of the band members' stage names, fashion sense, and their bond, it is not hard to see why! She said,

"Posh" was given to us by a British teen magazine, but we were already acting like our names. Mel B really did dress "scary," always in leopard print. Emma really was "Bab"'; she always wore pigtails and those bloody awful platform shoes! But I'm still very close to all of those girls. I'm really proud of what I achieved with them. We were just five girls who weren't all that great individually, but together, we were pretty great! That's real "girl power": Be who you are, do what you like and be friends with other girls!

First off, it is really sweet to see Beckham open up about her girl group past and speak so highly of her fellow members since she has a reputation for being cold and a bit standoffish, especially when it comes to interviews. It is also nice to see that she still has a soft spot for her former band mates. But one of the best things about this interview is that it proves she still believes in the girl power that accompanies close female friendships, and that is something worth applauding and celebrating.


Beckham sends a wonderful and powerful message when she promotes female friendship. After all, it is quite common to hear about competition between women when they are in their teens and early twenties and still finding their way to adulthood. But Beckham is saying that the Spice Girls were truly at their best when they were all working together as a team. The band was a unique opportunity for the now-fashion designer to not only explore her own interests as an individual but also share them with other women who had similar goals and dreams. And of course, as she indicates, they were all able to maintain their individuality, especially through their respective '90s fashion sense.

Since splitting up, the group has had many mini-reunions where they have all gotten together at star-studded events, parties, and meals, some of which Beckham as been part of. Sadly, she was unable to make it to the latest one, Geri Halliwell's wedding, but she still sent some love via social media.

It's great to see her still sending love to the girls, just because. We'll have to keep our eyes peeled for the next mini-reunion, and keep our fingers crossed that Posh can make it!

Image: Getty Images