Ellie Goulding Deleting That Katy Perry Photo Had Nothing To Do With Taylor Swift & Everything To Do With Wastey Face

Ellie Goulding caused some ~bad blood~ among Taylor Swift fans over the weekend. Ellie Goulding shared a photo of herself and Lorde hangin' with none other than Katy Perry — a feat which is pretty much blasphemous in the world of Swifties. Though the picture itself was kind of adorable (it featured Lorde dressed up as the salsa girl emoji, and what in the world could be better than that?) it garnered even more attention after Goulding, dare we say, swiftly deleted the snap. (Cosmopolitan reports that Lorde shared and later deleted the pic, as well.)

Of course, everyone immediately assumed that the "Love Me Like You Do" singer ditched the pic because of her close relationship with T. Swift and the fact that she literally just starred in Swift's action-packed "Bad Blood" music video (for a song that is heavily speculated to be about Swift's feud with Perry, no less). But, as it turns out, Goulding's reason for deleting the pic had nothing to do with the supposed Swift/Perry drama at all — and everything to do with her opinion that she was just a little too wastey face in it.

"Oh! I deleted that because I looked bad in it and I think I was a bit drunk," Goulding cheerfully told an ODE reporter at the 2015 Glamour Awards. "I thought it wasn't a very good example of myself."

ODE on YouTube

"That's so funny that that's even a thing. No, I delete things all the time," Goulding continued in her chipper yet self-deprecating way. "I think I have so many followers ... that when I delete something it's a big deal. I delete photos of myself all the time. I post them and then I'm like, 'No, I don't look very good. Delete.'"

"I'm great friends with Katy. I'm great friends with Taylor," she pointed out. "That's very silly. No, I just looked terrible in it. I zoomed in [on] my actual photo and was like, 'No.' I was a bit drunk."

So there you have it, Swifties. Ellie Goulding: not an instigator, just a little bit drunk. (Psst: You can check out the kind of amazing photo in question over at Cosmo. You're welcome.)

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