HidrateMe Is The Smart Water Bottle That Tells You When To Drink, In Case You Couldn't Tell On Your Own

You know that feeling when you haven't had water in a while, and your throat gets all dry? Apparently, however, some members of the human species aren't familiar with a little concept called thirst, or at least the creators of HidrateMe, the smart water bottle, seem to think so. Taking a cue from the dozens of other recent inventions that help people perform basic functions like sleeping, eating, and even urinating, HidrateMe is designed to help people keep their bodies running at optimum capacity. In this case, that means alerting you when you need to drink more water via smartphone, in the event that you're too busy doing Important Things to realize you're thirsty. The water bottle, which will sell for $39 if the Kickstarter campaign succeeds, contains a sensor stick that is connected to your phone, according to Jezebel. That sensor keeps track of your water intake, and when you need to hydrate, the water bottle helpfully lights up. If you're assuming that this is some sort of niche invention for forgetful or lazy people, think again. In less than a week, HidrateMe has raised more than $110,000, which is three times its original goal of $35,000. Who knew that many people needed help keeping track of how much water to drink?

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On the other hand, this isn't such a surprise when you consider that this is far from the first time someone has developed a smart water bottle. According to Tech Crunch, HidrateMe's competition includes the Trago smart bottle, BluFit, and the Hug bottle and sensor app, to name a few. Despite their similarities, however, few have seen even half the success of HidrateMe. Creator Nadya Nguyen told Tech Crunch that she attributes her invention's popularity to doing "80 percent of the work for the campaign before it even started."

Whatever the reason, her business model is clearly working. HidrateMe is set to hit the shelves in winter of 2015, making it the perfect gift for your really athletic friend who seems to have everything. (We all have one.) If you're interested in donating, head over to the HidrateMe Kickstarter campaign page.

Is anyone else really thirsty after all this talk about water? If only my water bottle could tell me whether I should drink.

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Image: cory-moneith-graphics/Tumblr, Giphy