Olympic Cyclist Pedals To Make Toast In A Toaster, And His Battle Is Both Fierce And Delicious — VIDEO

We still have a year (actually, 14 months) until the next Olympic games. And while the Olympics are one of those things you kind of forget you miss until they show back up (#likemyex #nailedit), when it's finally Olympics time, nothing is more exciting than gymnastics. Or skating. Or cycling. Or swimming. We transform from totally rational beings into crazed, sport-obsessed people, stalking the times of upcoming swimming heats and waking up at odd hours to watch Shawn Johnson on vault. While we're waiting for that season, an Olympic cyclist battled a toaster to keep us entertained.

It sounds ridiculous, but if you watch the video, you will realize exactly how much stamina it takes to fuel a toaster using pedals of a bike machine. Here's the breakdown:

  • World famous cyclist Robert Förstemann attempts to battle a 700w toaster. His challenge is to generate enough energy to create one golden-brown slide of toast.
  • His legs are 74cm long (2.4 ft.) and it still takes him about 3 minutes to toast the bread, while riding at about 50 km/hr.
  • To put it in perspective, if it takes 1 Robert to power a toaster, it would take 180 Roberts to power a car.

♫ Those legs are moving, moving ♫. (My failed attempt at a "Lips Are Movin'" ref.)


Watch the full video, which will leave you in complete awe over his muscles and make you reallllly want a piece of hot, buttered toast:

The Toaster Challenge on YouTube

Pedal like this through the rest of your day and maybe your day will end with... toast?

Images: YouTube(2)