How Jamie Lynn Spears Can Make A Comeback

Britney Spears' new album Britney Jean is set to be released on Dec. 3, and it's probably going to be awesome. It includes the singles "Work Bitch" and "Perfume," both of which are pretty great, and the just released track list shows that there's something else to be excited about — Jamie Lynn Spears. That's right, Britney's younger sister, former Nickelodeon rising star Jamie Lynn is featured on the album, on a song called "Chillin' With You."

Is this Jamie Lynn's attempt at a post-teen pregnancy comeback? Her series Zoey 101 had been doing well, for all we know it could've become the Nickelodeon equivalent of Hannah Montana with Spears as the next Miley Cyrus (with or without the breakdown). But when the then 16-year-old Jamie Lynn announced that she was pregnant, things changed. Had Zoey 101 continued, its storyline would've needed to become very mature pretty quickly, so the TV movie Chasing Zoey became the series finale.

Since then, Jamie Lynn had kept a pretty low profile, popping up in the tabloids every so often for a breakup or rumored engagement. Until "Chillin' With You" was announced, of course. And while it's nice to see the Spears sisters working together and using early 2000s slang, this might not be Jamie Lynn's best chance for a comeback. For all we know, she's barely in the song, and if it doesn't become a single, there's no way it'll help her gain back some fame.

Here are a few suggestions to help the lil' Spears become relevant again.

Reality Show — Option One

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Jamie Lynn could star on a reality show with fellow famous teen parent Bristol Palin. Something like Celebrity Teen Mom. Palin is no stranger to reality shows, she starred in Lifetime's Briston Palin: Life's a Tripp and competed on two seasons of Dancing with the Stars. The two women could make a great team as they try to restart their careers while juggling kids, relationships and their more famous family members.

Reality Show — Option Two

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Instead of focusing on the teen parent side of Jamie Lynn's life, this show would be about formerly famous celebrity siblings. She could join another reality show veteran, Ashlee Simpson, or Ali Lohan, Lindsay's younger sister. If we're lucky, Haylie Duff will be available, too (just kidding, she's definitely available). The show would be a hit thanks to the more famous sisters' fans watching for a glimpse of them, between The Hills-esque vague conversations at trendy lunch spots.

Zoey 101 Reunion Movie

Now that Zoey 101's original fans are more grown up, they could have a reunion that incorporates Jamie Lynn's real reason for leaving the show. In case for some reason you don't remember how a random kids' show ended five years ago, here's what happened in Chasing Zoey: Zoey was dating James but when he told her he loved her — via necklace — she realized she really liked her nerdy best friend Chase. She confesses her feelings to Chase, he reciprocates, and the same happens for a bunch of other couples. Flash forward to five years later, Pacific Coast Academy has a reunion, and no one has seen Zoey since that night, until she shows up with a 5-year-old. Who's the father? James? Chase? Someone else she dated at some point?

Oh, did I mention that the finale takes place on prom night? The movie writes itself.

Date an Actual Celebrity

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Probably the easiest way to regain fame would be for Jamie Lynn to absorb someone else's. There are so many popular young male celebrities right now, there has to be at least one that Britney could set her up with. Imagine if Jamie Lynn nabbed one of the members of One Direction. She'd have the scorn and threats of thousands of preteen girls — and every magazine cover in America and the UK. Britney does know Simon Cowell from her X Factor days...

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