You Need To Know About Steph Curry's Wife

by Michelle McGahan

When you're a member of the Curry family, chances are, you are going to be one badass mother — and Ayesha Curry is taking that literally. Ayesha Curry is the wife of NBA star Stephen Curry (point guard for the Golden State Warriors) and is mom to their scene-stealing, beyond-adorable two-year-old daughter Riley Curry. And as the Internet becomes more and more obsessed with both Steph Curry (this year's MVP, whattup) and Riley Curry (who could legitimately beat out Blue Ivy for cutest celeb baby of the year, whattup), it's only fair that the world gets a closer look at Ayesha and her very own brand of badassery. And considering her husband is poised to lead his team to victory in Game 1 of the NBA playoffs on Thursday night, the spotlight is white-hot on the Curry family — and it's time to let Ayesha Curry shine.

Ayesha is way more than just Steph Curry's wife. She's soon-to-be the mother of two young kids (their second child is due in July), a chef who posts photos of food that will make you drool, and also once appeared on Hannah Montana (what?!). Here's everything you need to know about Ayesha Curry.

She's A Chef Whose Twitter Will Have You Drooling All Over Yourself

With a last name like Curry, of course the Canadian-American is a chef. She has her own guest spot on CSN Bay Area called "Cooking With the Currys," and her own olive oil (um, yum). And if you follow her on Twitter, gems like the ones above will show up in your feed all day, erry day.


Her Guilty Pleasure Food Is Cereal-Encrusted PB&J

Ayesha told LundyWay that her sweet tooth sin is a "good brownie," but she also

will nom "a good pan toasted, cereal encrusted PB&J." I have somehow made it 26 years of my life — yes, same age as Ayesha Curry — and have never heard of a wonder such as this and it needs to be in my mouth immediately. IMMEDIATELY.

She Is a Damn Good Parent

After her little Riley went viral, Curry penned a piece for TIME in which she discussed her and Stephen's parenting beliefs. "I believe you should let your children be children, and don’t be afraid to be a parent, regardless of who’s watching," she wrote. Her parenting philosophy couldn't be any more prevalent than in the tweet above, proving that she is a mom who does not eff around.

She Was Once In An Episode Of Hannah Montana

True story: She is also an actress and appeared in the Season 3 episode, "Come Fail Away." Check out her acting chops alongside fetus Miley Cyrus in the video above.

Her YouTube Channel Is An Actual Ray of Sunshine

Called Little Lights of Mine, she talks everything from food to family and has the personality of a warm summer's day to match. Like, it's impossible not to be blissfully happy when watching Ayesha discuss what makes her happy.

Her Family Photos Will Give You All the Feels

Dem eyes. Plus, she has another little one on the way! Not to sound like Chandler Bing or anything, but could the Curry family be any more adorable?