Moffy, a Cross-Eyed Model, Signed by Agency that Discovered Kate Moss

At 5'8", with soft green eyes, shiny brown hair, and flawless olive skin, Moffy is ostensibly everything you'd expect to find in a high fashion model — except for one minor detail: she's cross-eyed. Despite her condition (she suffers from something called strabismus), the gorgeous yet unique girl seems to have everyone captivated. Moffy appeared on the cover of British magazine POP earlier this summer, and was recently offered a contract with Storm Models, the same agency that discovered Kate Moss.

Tyrone Lebon, the photographer who shot her cover for POP, was introduced to the young model by his girlfriend. After he and editor and stylist Max Pearmain met with Moffy, they decided to give her a chance to see what she could do in front of the camera. As it turned out, she was a total natural talent.

"Moffy had never been photographed for a magazine and it’s always exciting to work with someone where there is uncertainty about how it might work out," said Lebon.

Moffy's Storm model page includes an array of photos that highlight her true beauty. While some of them feature her winking or looking up to the sky, most of the photos do not hide Moffy's distinct look.

In every single aspect, Moffy is as beautiful, if not more, than most models we see staring back at us in magazines. She's challenging traditional fashion norms with her uncommon allure, and we're hoping to see more of her in the very near future.

Image: Tyrone LeBon