LA Juice Spot Moon Juice Launches Beauty Line

Look through Moon Juice's website, and you'll instantly become mesmerized by the trendy aesthetic, yummy looking juice combos, and a list of the most unique recipes (think: vanilla, rose geranium, and strawberries together in a heavenly combination). With such a dreamy lifestyle established, it's no surprise that LA's favorite Juicery Moon Juice has just launched a new line of beauty products.

Named Clair de lune, the kit comes with an organic rose and aloe juice mist and a wild carrot seed oil. At $88 dollars, the kit was created by a collaboration between Moon Juice and organic skin care company Odacite. The kit's goal is to "to bring the moon's glow to your face," according to the Moon Juice website. Honestly, I trust anything made by fitness guru and goddess Amanda Chantal Bacon, Moon Juice's founder, makes.

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How does it work, exactly? On the website, Amanda Chantal Bacon writes, "The organic rose and aloe juice mist regenerates and protects. Three drops of wild carrot seed oil then applied with finger tips to your dewy skin is gold from the earth's center drawn up by the carrot's and earthly strength. Each ingredient gets delivered to your skin with all of its bioactives intact, without any preservatives or chemicals."

Sounds pretty snazzy to me. Amanda and Valerie (of Odacite) had one goal in mind: "Nourishing from the inside out." Benefits of the kit, according to the website, include "beauty food" and "stress reliever." The scents alone have pretty much sold me: anything with aloe juice and rose, you can sign me up for.

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Images: Moon Juice