George & Amal Clooney Visit His Kentucky Hometown & Have A Blast With Family & Residents — PHOTOS

You can take the man out of Kentucky, but you can't take Kentucky out of the man. On Tuesday and Wednesday, George and Amal Clooney visited his hometown in Augusta, Kentucky for a private family reunion. Even though their trip was brief, that doesn't mean the couple didn't have a blast, all while making the residents very happy. Not only did George and Amal visit his favorite hometown spots, but they also managed to sing "Happy Birthday" to one lucky lady and even had quite the welcome home party with family, including his father Nick Clooney, and friends.

George couldn't pass up the opportunity for some delicious baked goods (who would?), so he took his wife to Magee's bakery, where they enjoyed his favorite dessert, the transparent. For those who don't know, it is a pie-like pastry and sometimes called "Chess Pie," according to Magee's website. Us Weekly spoke with Magee's co-owner Russell Dickson, who said, "They were fun as a couple! They ordered the transparent, that’s his thing, he loves the transparent.” Per Dickson, George always snacks on the transparent every time he visits.

In addition to visiting his favorite bakery, George and Amal had a private family reunion, which didn't go unnoticed by the locals. While dining on the river, George and his family sang "Happy Birthday" to a woman at the next table. Said lady expressed her excitement and gratitude on Instagram writing, "I had the BEST birthday! I spent my day with my wonderful family and wonderful boyfriend. And GEORGE CLOONEY sat at the table next to me at dinner. Not only that, but he and his family sang Happy Birthday to me after I ate! So blessed! Happy 25th!"

As you can see below, George and his family had a blast. Clearly, they couldn't stop laughing and smiling. They sure look like a fun family to hang with. During their private party George and Amal even posed for photos and signed autographs. While he wasn't being with family, George managed to find time to shoot hoops at Augusta High School. A student said, "It was fun, he's still got it." After their Kentucky visit, George headed to a Cincinnati brewery, where he enjoyed some craft beers and posed with fans.

Overall, it seems like George and Amal had a fantastic trip, even if it was only for few short days. What better way to spend your last days in the states before moving to England, right? FYI, George and Amal are reportedly heading across the pond to continue their fabulous life as an amazing couple.