E.L. James' New Fifty Shades Book 'Grey' Is A No. 1 Bestseller, And You Can Wipe That Surprised Look Off Your Face Now, Please

If you haven't already heard the alarm sound, news broke on Monday that E.L. James is releasing 'Grey', a new book from Christian Grey's perspective, on June 18. Well, just one day after her announcement, the new Fifty Shades book is already a No. 1 bestseller on Amazon and Barnes & Noble. Surprise! (You're not really surprised, are you?)

According to James, the author wrote the book after fans of the series asked to hear Grey's side of the story. But while these fans are evidently clamoring to get a glimpse into Grey's mind, many other readers have criticized the Fifty Shades series for its romanticization of Grey's emotionally and physically abusive behavior. So, although the new book could potentially explain more about his backstory, we'll see if James will stop glorifying Gray.

If any of this sounds kind of familiar — a book being an instant bestseller even before it's out — you're not going crazy. Harper Lee's Go Set a Watchman also shot to the top of the bestseller list one day after the announcement of the release of her first book since To Kill a Mockingbird . Watchman is setting some serious records for HarperCollins, its publisher, becoming its most pre-ordered book of all-time — is Grey going that direction, too?

For now, both Grey and Go Set a Watchman remain firmly in the top of these retailing giants' sales ranks. Grey is No. 1 on Barnes & Noble and Amazon, and Go Set a Watchman sits at No. 4. On Barnes & Noble and No. 8 on Amazon. Whether you're interested in reading the books or not, the hype surrounding both will give you plenty to talk about without even cracking open the covers.