13 Times 'Keeping Up With The Kardashians' Was Basically An Episode Of 'Full House'

Do you ever watch an episode of Keeping Up With the Kardashians and think, "Haven't I seen this story before?" Lately, I've been watching and wondering why it felt like one long deja-vu. It took me a while, but, when Kim and Khloe had that heart-to-heart with Kylie about her lip injections, I figured it out: isn't this the exact same story line as the episode of Full House where DJ goes on a crash diet to get skinny? Different insecurities, of course, but same narrative arc for sure — sister feels insecure, makes drastic changes to her body, family steps in to remind her how important self-acceptance is.

It got me thinking about all of the other ways that the two shows are similar, and it turns out there are a lot. Like, once you start thinking out it, it's actually kind of freaky. Consider this: both shows have huge families, widowed parents, kids who say the cutest things, and a sister who steals all the attention. It's like the Kardashians are stealing their storylines (ahem, I mean reality) from the Tanners.

Check out the similarities below and just try to watch an episode of KUWTK without seeing the connection. Once you see it, it's too obvious to forget.

1. When Kris Freaked Out Over Smudge Marks On Her Candy Jars

The Kardashian house is clean. Like, Danny Tanner clean. No finger prints allowed.

2. When They Prank Each Other

Todd Craines FOR LYFE!

3. When Jonathan Tags Along & Annoys The Whole Family

I mean, he's basically the Kimmy Gibler of the group.

5. When They Share Their Feelings After A Fight

How come that family can forgive each other in 42 minutes, and I'm still mad at my sister for stealing my chapstick 12 years ago?

6. Those Heart-To-Hearts Though

Does anyone else feel like every episode of the Kardashians these days ends with a Danny Tanner moment? I expect the music to swell, and Bob Saget to show up at their bedroom door every time the sisters talk it out.

7. When Kim Kardashian's Wedding Had Its Own Multi-Part Special

Kind of like Jesse skydiving on his wedding day and getting stuck in a tree. The words "To be continued..." had never before been so dramatic in our young lives.

8. When Kylie Decided She Wanted To Be A Singer & Kanye Helped Her Out

Hello, Jesse and the Rippers!

9. Every Time Kourtney Stands Next To Kendall

10. When The Kardashian Sisters Talk About Their Father & It's The Saddest Thing Ever

You kind of forget that the three girls are living without one of their parents because their family is so damn big. Until they bring it up, or one of them gets married, and then it's so sad it hurts.

11. When The Cuteness Level Got Turned Up A Notch With Kardashian Grandbabies

Kind of like when Becky had the twins. With the girls growing up, both families needed to bring the average age down a bit.

12. When Scott Disick Wasn't Accepted By The Family

Remember how much Danny hated Steve at first, too?

13. When Kim Is A Diva

Right? She's so the Michelle of that family.

Now that you've seen it, you can't un-see it. My work here is done.

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