Caitlyn Jenner Could Possibly Judge The Miss USA Pageant & That's Not Even The Best News

Caitlyn Jenner's debut this week has captivated the world, and for good reason: her reveal was brave and utterly inspiring, and the positive response she's received from people around the planet — from fans to her fellow celebrities — has been overwhelming. It seems now that the Miss USA pageant was amongst those moved by Caitlyn's story — and now The Wrap is reporting that she may be included in this year's event... on the judging panel! While nothing has been set in stone just yet, I have to admit I'm absolutely thrilled with the possibility and seriously hope Jenner signs on.

There are two things worth mentioning here before we go any further. One, that Miss USA is currently the only pageant that allows transgender participants, with Kylan Wenzel being the first to compete back in 2013. The second is that Jenner recently became a client in talent agency CAA's speaker department, illustrating her interest in sharing her experience with coming out as transgender and addressing issues affecting the LGBT community at public events. I can't think of a better public platform than the Miss USA pageant, which is all the more reason this needs to happen, like, immediately. Whether or not it will remains to be seen, however, as Miss USA organizers have yet to ink a real deal, according a statement a rep for the event issued to The Wrap on Friday, June 5.

“While she is not yet confirmed to judge, the organization would indeed love to have her and are reaching out to make an offer.”

Given that the Miss USA pageant will take place in July, only about a month away, we shouldn't have to wait very long for confirmation on whether or not Jenner will accept the offer — and I have high hopes she will. I think it's wonderful not only that Miss USA was the first pageant to loosen strict and outdated rules to include transgender competitors, but also that they're so committed to visibility and support of the transgender community. That they have reached out to someone of Jenner's high profile to solidify that commitment is inspiring and shouldn't be taken lightly.

As for Jenner herself, I think she'd make a tremendous judge. After all, Miss USA participants are physically beautiful, but they also need qualities like intelligence, courage, and strength of character, and those are things that Jenner has in spades. To me, it sounds like a match made in heaven, and I'm keeping my fingers crossed for an official announcement.

Image: Vanity Fair/Screencap