It's National Donut Day & Here Are 6 Donuts The Cast Of 'Friends' Would Eat To Make The Day Even Sweeter

Friday is a widely anticipated day of the week all by itself, but when you throw in the fact that today, June 5, is also National Donut Day, many of us can barely contain expressing our elation with a united cry of "YAS!" I'm not even gonna lie — I get borderline romantic when it comes to frosted pastry. I once uttered the phrase, "I've been thinking about this all day" to a syrupy bear claw before swiftly demolishing it. To celebrate National Donut Day — otherwise known as possibly the best idea in existence — Dunkin Donuts and Krispy Kreme are both giving away free doughnuts, so suddenly everyone who wasn't born in June can feel like their birthday is coming early this year. Although it's difficult for many things to trump my love for doughnuts, the sitcom Friends is pretty much on par with my adoration of pastry. Alongside that, I happen to be a writer who enjoys weaving the cast of Friends and comfort foods into my writing whenever an opportunity calls for it.

Our favorite '90s sextet were always in sync when it came to their friendships, while also exhibiting their own unique personality traits during each episode of the show's 10 seasons. Obviously they had different preferences went it came to certain things and I can't help but wonder how these preferences would effect their individual doughnut selections. Hmmm...


I feel like Rachel would prefer a strawberry-frosted donut with rainbow sprinkles. Being that she's quite the fashionista, she would want her doughnut to have the same pretty-in-pink style she so deftly exhibited during the series.


Our favorite paleontologist once became distressed when he discovered someone at work had eaten the turkey sandwich Monica had made him as part of their Thanksgiving leftovers. He nicknamed the sandwich the "moist maker" because Monica include an extra piece of gravy-soaked bread to keep the turkey's tenderness on point. Clearly Ross doesn't mind a little messiness being part of his meals, so I'd peg him as a jelly doughnut kind of guy.


Messiness is not an option when it comes to Monica — even when delicious pastry is involved. She would get a plain cake doughnut sans sugar or any other additives.


If Gifs have taught us anything, it's that Chandler would prefer any type of doughnut he could dance on top of. Either that, or he'd get a chocolate frosted doughnut.


Being a staunch vegetarian, Phoebe would likely get a doughnut that was gluten-free and used a batter that contained no eggs. I'm sure those exist somewhere.


This isn't Joey's first rodeo — he's kind of a food eating champion. He would order a bear claw...and then a bacon donut...and then a double chocolate donut...and then — well, you see where I'm going with this.

Thanks Friends and National Donut Day! You've brought us so much joy.

Images: NBC (1); Giphy (7)