Aziz Ansari's 'Modern Romance' Trailer Is Hilarious & Here Are 8 Moments To Brighten Your Day — VIDEO

ICYMI, actor and comedian Aziz Ansari posted a trailer for his upcoming book, Modern Romance, to his official Facebook account on Friday, June 5. The book — which was cowritten by sociologist Eric Klinenberg — is due out on June 16 and if you weren't already excited for Modern Romance's release, the hilarious trailer should make our collective breaths all the more bated. Ansari's book is set to take a comprehensive look at the current trials and tribulations many of us experience in today's dating culture, from Tinder fails to the drawbacks of communication occurring almost exclusively through text messages. Ansari has spoken on his own awkward — albeit, hilarious — experiences in the dating world through his wildly popular standup specials and there's no doubt that his book will be infused with several laugh-inducing bits. However, Modern Romance is also a work that promises to utilize scientific data, academic interviews, and — as Ansari notes in the trailer — "focus groups from all over the world." With the book also being described as a "massive research project that spanned over two years," it appears Modern Romance will be just as entertaining as it is educational.

Despite the fact that Ansari and Klinenberg focused their proverbial magnifying glass on dating in the 21st century, the trailer for the project has a decidedly more '80s aesthetic. The trailer opens with a shot of animated palm trees and a star-speckled backdrop that resembles a scene straight from an old arcade game. From there, we are introduced to an eclectic group of eligible bachelors — oft sporting some pretty intense mullets — who appear to be auditioning for the ultimate companion. Ansari, of course, caps off the video with elaboration on the book's premise, along with a pretty sweet dating profile that lists Ansari's interests as "pizza, having fun and talking," making us love him all the more (as if that was even possible). Let's circle back to the beginning of this clever trailer with a list of its best moments.

That Opening

Anyone want to take an '80s-themed trip to Los Angeles? I'll get my neon scrunchies and hair crimper ready.

Stephen's Poetry Slam

"Early to bed, early to rise, makes a woman healthy, wealthy, and wise. That's why you're wiser than me. It's Stephen." I'd also like to point out that giant "MERCY" on Stephen's shirt. Wow.

The "Wild Man By Night"

Maurice is "an executive by day and a wild man by night." OK then...

Monroe's "Incredibly Blue Eyes"

Monroe introduces himself and figures we all have "probably already noticed that [he has] incredibly blue eyes." I actually thought they were brown, but they truly are incredible, regardless of what pigment you're trying to pull off there, Monroe.

Mike's Anti-Smoking Policy

As congenial as Mike's demeanor seems to be, he has some pretty strong words for anyone who smokes. "If you're sitting there watching this tape and smoking your cigarette, well, hit the fast-forward button, 'cause I don't smoke and I don't like people who do smoke." That was a bit harsh. Then again, at least we know Mike's top deal-breaker up front.

Stephen's Vague Profile

Stephen's interests are "varied," which means you hopefully have at least one thing in common. Unfortunately, if you're not "within L.A." this pairing is a no-go. Also, what is a "Body Designer"? Come to think of it, I may not wanna know...

It's Aziz!

Finally! Ansari appears onscreen to make the point that, "Finding love has never been easy, and today's romantic landscape is arguably even more daunting and strange than what the folks you saw earlier had to contend with." I hear that! Ansari goes on to describe the various measures taken to create something "much deeper and much more engrossing" than collections of "personal essays" or observations, which is why he teamed up with Klinenberg and various other experts in the fields of "sociology, anthropology, social psychology, and economics" while penning Modern Romance. Can June 16 get here already?

Ansari's Epic Dating Profile

Anyone who lists their interests as "pizza, having fun, talking" is already my quintessential dream man.

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