You Can Buy Boob Milk Soap On Etsy, Plus 5 Other Irresistibly Quirky Beauty Products

Soap seems pretty mundane and rarely makes headlines, but soap with boob milk is another story. Earlier today, Styleite uncovered an Etsy soap maker utilizing her own breast milk as the key ingredient for extra soft and supple skin. The woman's site now appears to be down, but I don't know if that's because Etsy deemed these products a violation of terms, or the site crashed because everyone is trying to buy her soap right now.

Apparently, the bars resemble "hunks of cheesecake brownie fudge" and are loaded with coconut, olive, castor, palm, and soybean oil. Talk about squeaky (greasy) clean. Cocoa powder also makes an appearance on the ingredient list, so we're now talking CHOCOLATE BREAST MILK SOAP, y'all.

While we'll just have to wait and see if Etsy brings this woman's site back or if it's really gone forever, I went ahead and snooped around the site's beauty section for some other unusual but awesome products. Admittedly, none of them include bodily fluids, but hopefully that's not a deal breaker for you to keep reading. So without further delay, here are the 5 best Etsy beauty products that don't include breast milk.

1. Mean Girls Quotes Stick-On Nail Decals

So fetch.

Mean Girls Nail Decals, $4, PaipurNails/Etsy

2. Bug Deodorant

Okay, fine, the "bugs" are probiotics, but that still counts! Plus, with other ingredients like mango butter and organic avocado oil, who would turn this down?

Probiotic Deodorant, $10.99, BeeBlissfulBeauty/Etsy

3. Vegan Raspberry Lemonade Coconut Milk Soap

Whaddup cruelty-free, vegan skincare! Just try not to eat it, k?

Coconut Milk Soap, $7, TheSoapMarket/Etsy

4. Unicorn Poop Lip Balm

The product description speaks for itself: "We've scoured the world for the finest poop from organically fed, free range unicorns and we've used it to craft this amazing lip balm. We've blended the unicorn poop with natural oils to moisturize and nourish and beeswax to protect your lips. It tastes a bit like cotton candy."

Unicorn Poop Lip Balm, $3.50, SaplingNaturals/Etsy

5. Vegan Organic Coconut Eyeliner

YASSSS another fab vegan product. This one include everyone's favorite ingredient of the moment, coconut oil. Also activated charcoal for the hippy nerds that get excited about this like me.

Coconut Eyeliner, $5.50, DABHerbMakeup/Etsy

Images: Courtesy of Etsy Sellers