Valentino's Pre-Fall Campaign Has A Trippy Mirrored Effect, But It's Beautiful Nonetheless

All designers have a signature style and flavor that they add to their seasonal campaigns, which is heavily influenced by the photographer they choose. For Valentino, using photographer Michal Pudelka brought about a recurring style of symmetrical mirrored effects, which you can also find in Valentino’s pre-fall campaign. Using nearly-identical, androgynous models, Pudelka achieves a mirrored look that isn't quite perfectly symmetrical. The models are positioned almost perfectly inverse, but their outfits will be different or one model will have her eyes open, while the other has hers closed. Because of the mirrored effects that Pudelka creates, Valentino campaigns often have a trippy yet awe-strickening beauty type of feel to them.

In Valentino’s spring 2015 campaign, Pudelka had various models lying down in shallow waters with distance gazes in their eyes. He really worked the classical Ophelia vibes, which beautifully married an aura of youthful beauty and disdain. Valentino carried this over into his pre-fall campaign, which was shot in Pudelka’s comfort zone — his hometown, Bratislava in Slovakia.

Pudelka captures models Maartje Verhoef, Ine Neefs and Grace Hartzel in colorful pieces that would be absolutely perf as transitional outfits from summer to fall. There are a lot of floral prints, ruffles and, of course, Valentino’s signature shade of red to look forward to in the pre-fall campaign.

Images: ynk_worldwide/Instagram, thefashionography/Instagram